Ten Reasons to Have a Personal Trainer On Demand

Exercising at home or in your local park is something we have all considered and even attempted, however it’s not as easy as it sounds. We believe that with a little bit of help you can achieve any fitness outside of the gym. There are many reasons why you may need someone to help you with your training outside of a gym; here are our top ten reasons.

You’re Time Poor
In London, long working hours are the norm and in a city where there is always something to do, usually involving drinking and eating, it is hard to squeeze in a workout. A mobile trainer will come to you, at your convenience.

You’re Expecting a Baby
Pregnancy is a tiring time and the last thing you want to do is leave your house and enter a busy gym. By ordering a trainer to come to your home you don’t need to worry about anything else except making the healthiest body for your baby.

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You’re Injured
Being injured is a difficult time but it is still extremely important to keep exercising to maintain good circulation to deliver nutrients to the injured area. Some injuries will make it difficult to travel as you may have crutches, need a wheelchair or you’re just worried about being knocked over.

You’re A Work-At-Home Mum
Looking after children is a lot more than a full-time job and unless your gym has a creche it can be difficult to find the time to exercise. If your order a personal trainer to your home you can workout and keep an eye on the little ones at the same time.

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Gyms Aren’t For You
The gym can be an intimidating place. An on-demand personal trainer can help you exercise just as well, if not better, from the privacy of your own home.

You Want to Make the Most of the Nice Weather
The sun can make rare appearances in London, but when it does London has some of the best parks to work out in. However, it is definitely easier to lie on the grass than to do push ups or sit ups, so a personal trainer that will meet you at the park will stop your workout turning into a picnic.

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You’re an Exercise Newbie
If you are new to exercise the last place you want to go is somewhere full of judging eyes and so called “experts.” A personal trainer outside of the gym will help improve your fitness levels from the privacy of your own home.

You can Exercise with Friends
Healthy socialising is hard to come by in London. Ordering a personal trainer to meet you and your friends at a location convenient to all means that you focus on catching up and let the trainer worry about what set you’re going to do next.

You Get Distracted Easily
Home or park environments are littered with distractions that can prevent you from performing to your maximum. A good personal trainer will transform a dull, uninspired area into a focused, training arena.

You Need Fresh Inspiration
Training with your bodyweight requires a lot of creativity. Having an expert to train with can bring new ideas to your training to help you to push through plateaus and reach your goals.

TruBe trainers will travel anywhere in London bringing your workout to you. Its easy to book a session with our iPhone app. Download and book a session today.

Introducing Alex L, Personal Trainer and World Champion Kickboxer

Trainer Rating: 5 Stars

As one of our ambassador trainers, Alex has over 20 years of personal training experience as well as multiple world kickboxing championships. He has hundreds of success stories ranging from weight loss to helping young offenders.

What do you enjoy about being a part of the TruBe Team?

I love everybody’s energy and enthusiasm ,from the trainers to the tech team. We all want this app to succeed and are willing to go the extra mile.

Where is your favourite healthy date?
It has to be the organic Medjool variety from Egypt 😉 I think you mean where do I go for some healthy time out? My favourite would have to be tree-climbing in my local park.

What is your biggest client success story?

Firstly, I worked with a small group of young offenders. Four out of the six managed to train with me for two years. They developed a martial arts code of respect and found a new inspiration to keep them focused.

Secondly, I helped a bride-to-be prepare for her wedding day. She trained three times a week for three months with nutritional support.  Not only did the training help her lose 6kg, but she toned up and felt amazing. She also benefited from regular stress relief by hitting pads when kickboxing. A must for every bride feeling the pressure! Now a mother of three, she still finds time to put the gloves on every week and train with me.

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What do you add to your shake/smoothie for a boost?

I don’t drink smoothies! I prefer to take on my nutrients in their whole organic form. I enjoy eating my fruit and veg as Mother Nature intended!

What was your last health and fitness obstacle and how did you overcome it?

Alex Lawson blog

I decided to re-enter competitive kickboxing and in 2013 won the Unified World Championships welterweight kickboxing world title.

What is your favourite piece of TruBe equipment?

The GripR. It is an ideal training tool that allows clients to work on many planes of motion and is a really versatile piece of kit.

How do you treat yourself?
I enjoy playing with my children – it’s fun and they actually give me a workout!

What is your favourite instagram account you follow?

What is your favourite motivational quote?
“Though much is taken, much abides; and though
We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”
Ulysses 1833
Alfred Tennyson

What is the best piece of advice you have received from a mentor?
“One more round to go and you’ll be a World Champion.”

To book a session with Alex, download the app and find him as one of our featured trainers.

TruBe: The Future of Healthy Living

Hello and welcome to the world of TruBe, your on-demand personal training app.

The Cool Down is our blog that covers all things health and wellness, so you can kick back and relax with some inspirational reading in the downtime between your personal training sessions.

We’ll be featuring fitness tips and tricks, reviews of the latest workout equipment, and recipes and ideas for healthy eating – basically anything that will help you reach your personal health goals. But we believe in balance, so we’ll also be covering the coolest cocktail bars, the hottest travel destinations and the latest lifestyle trends to inspire you to live a #TruBeLife.

(And if you follow us on Twitter and Instagram, you’ll be seeing the #TruBeLife hashtag come to life a lot!)

At TruBe, our mission is to make it easier for people like you to achieve your health and wellness goals. Together, we want to teach you about your body and how to reach its fullest potential. We want you to reach goals that you never dreamed of. The first part of achieving that mission is through our on-demand personal training app.

Our app instantly connects you with a personal trainer, who will travel to your preferred location at a
time chosen by you. With TruBe, you can book a personal training session with just a few taps.

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Choose the location where you’d like to train: at home, in the office, at a park, or in your hotel.  You can book up to two weeks in advance or even an hour in advance if you have an urge to feel the burn! You’re then matched with a personal trainer, who will meet you at the designated time and location to deliver a TruBe signature high-performance workout.
Some other in-app features designed to help you reach your individual health and wellness goals include:

  • Sessions are adaptable to the level of intensity requested and can be customised to each individual’s needs.
  • Workouts can be adapted for one, a couple, or a small group of friends.
  • Types of workouts include high intensity interval training (HIIT), ballet barre, toning and conditioning, strength and power, or pre- and post-natal workouts.
  • Both users and trainers can rate each other after the session completes. Payment is taken via the app following the workout.

We’ve recruited top qualified personal trainers, with experience ranging from strength training to body conditioning. All of our approved trainers go through TruBe signature coaching to ensure you receive a consistent first-rate experience no matter who you’re training with. Our trainers like to mix up their workouts too, so you’ll constantly be discovering new ways to exercise and be challenged to reach your fullest potential.

While we’re initially launching on iOS in London, don’t worry – world domination is on the cards, so we’ll be expanding to other areas and operating systems in the future.