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The best app for busy women

Always on the move but still want a little bit of guidance? TruBe is your knight in shining armour.

Fantastic experience

TruBe trainers are fun, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable! Such a great resource for anyone wanting to get fit but not sure how to or what kind of exercise they like. So many different things to try and extremely flexible!

Mary after 🧘‍♀️ Meditation / 12.01.2020

Like Uber for personal trainers

All the trainers are fully qualified and thoroughly vetted so you know you’re in good hands

Great app in lockdown

I did a session of ballet fit and absolutely loved it! The trainer was so talented and the session really challenged me (it felt tough and satisfying all the way through) I was given choices to make the exercises easier and also to stretch me more at times - so this was great. The session covered my whole body and was an excellent change from my usual run. Really fun session would highly recommend this app and it’s packages! I am writing this review in lockdown but I understand that the app can be used to book face to face sessions - can’t wait to try this whenever it is safe.

Sarah after 👯‍♀️ Ballet Fit / 27.03.2020

Makes it easier for people to achieve their fitness goals

We endeavour to push you just hard enough to make you wanting more and to really get the post workout buzz!

How Live Stream works

In this time, it is important to connect, with TruBe you can now book one-hour Live Stream sessions with our dedicated fitness and wellness professionals. Choose from a range of specialist disciplines designed to uplifted and inspire. It is our mission to create new and exciting opportunities by supporting the development of your personal practice, promoting self love and personal development.

Book session

To book a Live Stream session, select a discipline, enter the time and date that you would like your session.

Choose your Specialist, then when you are ready, select to confirm.


You will receive two emails, one with the booking details, and the other with the link to join the session.

Your TruBe Specialist will be in touch with you to find out more about your session goals.

Enjoy your session!


Common questions

How do I prepare for the session?

We recommend that you make sure your phone is fully charged and your WIFI connection is strong.

We recommend that you test the Live Stream link ahead of your session as you may need to update your browser.

The Live Stream link can be located in the 'My bookings' section of the app or web, or in the booking confirmation email. By clicking on the Live Stream link, you will be redirected to Zoom.

We suggest wearing active and having water to hand. If you have a mat lay this out leaving a distance of around two meters from the camera.

Where will the session be hosted and how do I join?

Once your booking is confirmed you will receive your Live Stream link.

This can also be found in your confirmation email and in the 'My bookings' section of the app or website when logged into your account.

When you click on the session link you will be directed to Zoom where your session will be hosted.

What do I need for the session/ Do I need any equipment?

A device with a forward-facing camera and a strong internet connection is all you need for the session. In addition to this, we recommend wearing activewear and having a bottle of water to hand.

No equipment is required for the session, if you have a yoga mat this would be beneficial, but not essential.

What can I expect from the session?

On-demand high-quality workouts and wellness sessions delivered by highly qualified and experienced professionals delivered.

Your 60-minute session will be dedicated to a set theme. Enjoy a range of styles and specialist disciplines to keep you motivated and engaged for long-term results and lasting fitness.