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Train with TruBe and have access to London’s largest network of on-demand personal trainers, yoga, pilates and boxing instructors and massage therapists. Receive a personalised fitness programme based on your goals and lifestyle.

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Train with TruBe and have access to London’s largest network of on-demand personal trainers, yoga, pilates and boxing instructors and massage therapists. Receive a personalised fitness programme based on your goals and lifestyle.

How TruBe works

Bring your bookings to life with 3 simple steps. Booking a personal trainer has never been so simple.

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Explore the app

Find a personal trainer and massage therapist in seconds. Switch between 12 specialised disciplines including Yoga, boxing, pilates, massage and more.

Set booking details

Pick a time, date and enter your chosen location. Choose a personal trainer or therapist for the same day, or up to 90 days in advance.

Confirm booking

Once you have found your fitness trainer you can confirm in seconds. With TruBe you pay as you train, no contracts, no joining fee and no more wasted memberships.

Inclusive pricing. Clear and consistent pricing with the freedom and flexibility to access all aspects of TruBe. Cash-free payments allow you to keep track of your spending. Purchase a TruPack to receive discounted sessions for you and up to two friends.

View the packs

Quality guarantee. Each personal trainer and massage therapist has been hand-selected and verified. With TruBe you can trust that you are booking with the best personal trainers and massage therapists in London.

View trainers and therapists

More than an app. As part of the TruBe community, you can book a free consultation with one of TruBe’s in-house specialists. Receive recommendations based on your goals, preferences and location. Stay on track with personalised session feedback from your personal trainer/ massage therapist.

Book free consultation

Free Consultation

Whether you will be focusing on weight loss, body conditioning, sleeping pattern or stress levels, this complimentary offering will help get you started.

  • A member of the TruBe team will recommend a personalised workout schedule and will help you incorporate wellness disciplines into your routine.
  • Find out more about the TruBe trainers and mobile massage therapists and receive personalised recommendations based on your goals.
  • The consultation is a complimentary service consisting of a half an hour phone call with one of TruBe’s in-house specialists.


Choose from a range of real experts with real-time availability. Adapt your workouts to achieve your goals. TruBe trainers and therapists will develop the best program for your needs, each TruBe package will give you full access to all our services.

TruBe Benefits

Explore profiles, disciplines and locations. Read personal trainer reviews and compare ratings.

Fitness and Wellness professionals

Book with confidence, your session will be conducted by a fitness and wellness specialist.

Equipment provided

Your personal trainer/ massage therapist will provide all necessary equipment required for you session.

Goal orientated sessions

Each TruBe personal trainer and massage therapist will create a personalised programme based on your goals.

Secure Payments

Pay-as-you-go or purchase a selection of sessions with a TruPack. Receive a digital receipt and a confirmation email for each purchase.

Split the cost

Share your TruBe experience by splitting the cost of your TruBe fitness and wellness sessions with up to 2 friends.

Vary your sessions

Experience a range of disciplines, personal trainers and therapists. Choose your intensity and receive post workout/ massage notes.

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Fantastic experience

I had a fantastic experience with TruBe- my trainer really listened to me and targeted the areas I wanted to work on. He was friendly and very knowledgeable! Highly recommend this amazing app!

Fantastic experience

TruBe trainers are fun, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable! Such a great resource for anyone wanting to get fit but not sure how to or what kind of exercise they like. So many different things to try and extremely flexible!

Great resource for anyone

The instructors and organisers have been consistently helpful and go above and beyond to ensure the service we offer to our members is consistent yet adaptable when we need it to be. I would without a doubt recommend TruBe.

Shaking up the fitness world

Booking the trainer is the easy part. An on-demand ass-kicking is a few taps away

Like Uber for personal trainers

The best part? If you work out with a friend you share the cost of a session

The best app for busy women