How to Correct your Posture

As an ex-professional ballet dancer, exceptional posture was a must. Now as a TruBe trainer, one of the most common complaints I hear from my clients is that they have poor posture. But what does this actually mean and how do we rectify it?

What is poor posture?
Posture is the relationship between the skeleton, muscle and other tissues of the body as it tries to stay upright against gravity. It can be as important to good health as proper nutrition, exercise, and a good night’s sleep. Bad posture occurs when certain muscles are activated too much and other muscle groups are under used, usually caused by sedentary lifestyles.

How do we get poor posture?
The largest part of most people’s daily life is spent working in the office which means we are spending most of our time sat at a desk. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can induce poor posture, causing rounded shoulders, a hunched upper back and a curved lower back.

Office posture

Why is this bad for me?
If poor posture isn’t addressed it will only get worse and likely lead to chronic pain. Rounded shoulders can lead to shoulder impingments, hunched backs to neck pain and curved lower backs to chronic back, hip and knee pain. If left alone, surgery is the only option to resolve these problems.

How can I stop it?
There are some little tricks that we can look to incorporate into our daily lives that will help with your posture:

  •  Use your standing time wisely. Check your stance whilst you’re brushing your teeth, cooking your dinner or even waiting for the Tube
  • Concentrate on standing as upright as possible. Maintain a natural curve in the lower spine and open your chest by pulling your shoulder blades together.
  • Stand-up every half hour at work and take a short walk around the office to help promote blood flow and prevent the tightening of muscles
  • There are many apps that remind you to stand-up, such as the Apple Watch. You will be surprised how much these can help.

To improve your posture even faster and reduce the chances of developing bad posture, here are some exercises you should and shouldn’t be doing:

OH squat top real

  • Overhead squats
  • Lunging whilst reaching back and over your head
  • Try yoga, pilates or Ballet fit (Try a session with TruBe!)
  • Mobilise joints in 3 dimension
  • Avoid crunches
  • Avoid seated exercise machines
  • Avoid lengthy cycling or spinning sessions

If you need help with your posture or feel that your poor posture is leading to chronic pain, download our app and and book your next training session with one of our TruBe trainers.




Matt Williams – London Personal Trainer & TruBe Master Ballet Trainer

Is Ballet Barre For Me?

As a ballet barre trainer there is one question that I regularly get asked, “Is ballet barre for me?”

In my opinion ballet barre and any form of ballet training is beneficial for everyone regardless of your fitness goal. Well of course I would say that, I am a former professional ballet dancer and I helped design TruBe’s ballet barre workout.

ballet barre blog 2

But let’s think about it objectively. Why do we train? The reasons why we train and engage in physical activity are wide and varied. But all of them can be enhanced or achieved through ballet barre training.  There is a reason why ballet dancers are often touted as some of the fittest athletes alongside boxers.

One of the largest barriers we face at the moment when we exercise is poor range of motion. The way the modern westerner lives their life promotes poor posture and tight muscles. Ballet barre is a great way to improve your posture and promote greater coordination between different areas of your body simultaneously.  How often do you hear about dancers with poor posture and limited range of motion? This applies to everyone, most men could add 10kgs to their three big lifts with improved movement patterns.

ballet barre blog 3

Let’s talk about some other fitness goals such as weight loss, tone, core strength, cardiovascular fitness, strength and power. All of these can be drastically improved through ballet barre training. When you think about all of these facets of fitness, ballet dancers display all of them. The beauty of the TruBe ballet barre is that you can achieve these results in the comfort of your own living room, ballet is about moving your body not heavy weights.

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Matt – @mattino22