From High Intensity to High Class


Ever wondered how you can seamlessly go from an intense workout session to a chic lunch date with friends without having to change your outfit? These 3 Athleisure brands will help you achieve that goal. Trendy, sophisticated, and practical, these brands are sure to have you walking out of your session stylish and ready to take on the day.

What exactly is Athleisure?

The term refers to comfortable and casual clothing that is suitable for exercise and everyday life. Athleisure represents a permanent change in the fashion world, and has even appeared on numerous designer runways. Brands are creating a versatile look while promoting a healthy and comfortable way of life. Athleisure is more than a trend…it’s a lifestyle. Which Athleisure brands should be your go to clothing? With their practical and convenient nature, we believe these 3 brands are the perfect pairing to your busy lifestyle.



P.E Nation offers a modern, fashion forward look. Known for its colour-blocked and phys-ed style, this brand is available in multiple stores around the world such as Carbon 38, Bandier, and Urban Outfitters. The Aesthetic of this brand is retro tomboy mixed with nostalgia. P.E screams confidence, is a favourite amongst “the fashion fit-girl” and the perfect fashion-driven brand to start your Athleisure collection.



Mesh, sleek, and bold looks make up the luxury brand of MICHI. Struggling to make sweaty look sexy? Add MICHI to your new athleisure wardrobe. Sophisticated yet modern, MICHI is comfortable and made with the finest quality fabric. Created in 2010, designer Michelle Watson ties in her trendy roots of Brooklyn to high-performing activewear that evokes bold personality and confidence.

Good Hyouman


Known for their super soft clothes, Good hYOUman offers high quality pieces with positive messaging to inspire your daily life. With a variety of clothes such as basic tees, hats, and joggers, Good hYOUman will be your new go-to comfy brand. Phrases such as “The best things in life make you sweaty,” and “Create your fate,” accompany solid nude colours, making for the perfect balance of unique and fashion-forward.

The Athleisure trend is here to stay and we hope these brands inspire you and motivate you to take your Athleisure game to the next level. Need somewhere to test and show off your new items? Our personal trainers are here for you, anytime and any place. Book a session now and sweat it out in style!

New Playlist! Sprint Songs

In need of a running boost? We’ve compiled the best songs to make you want to sprint! Celebrate the start of spring and warm weather with beats by artists such as Labrinth, Jonas Blue, and Cash Cash. These 24 songs are sure to bring your heart rate up and your RPE down.

Download. Play. Sprint.

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Spring into Action

Spring training tips

It’s time for that age-old debate; is the process of altering the clocks still relevant to our current lifestyle?

It goes without saying, sleep is valuable. Sacrificing even a few minutes is a big ask, let alone an hour… although I suppose when you think about it, it is 100% worth it. 

We want to help you take advantage of the summer months with this mini-guide to a handful of London’s finest workout spots. Don’t worry, our trainers are ready to join you anywhere, anytime.

Did you know?

The average person spends 92% of their time inside! 

Not only does a workout in the park benefit your fitness, it can increase your well-being and is a great way to unwind after a long day. If you already have a hectic schedule, why not train during your lunch hour? It is proven that a workout will increase concentration levels, motivate your mind and help order your thoughts.


Greenwich Park

Greenwich park is the perfect location to stretch your legs, with over 74 acres of land to play with, a great chance to get creative and explore all the charming routes have to offer.

It is no surprise the park is a hotspot for runners, with a range of flat and hilly surfaces to keep you on your toes, with the added reward of breathtaking City views ready to inspire and remind you of the greatness within.

If running isn’t your cup of tea, don’t sweat, Greenwich park has a lot to offer, from great spaces to workout to idyllically located benches to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Interesting Fact:

Did we mention the Prime Meridian is located here? It’s where East meets West at Longitude 0 degrees, a reference line for astronomical observations.  Hypothetically, this park is both the beginning and end of the world!

Greenwich has long open hours, 6 AM – 9:30 PM in the summer months, so no need to rush to get there after work.


Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the largest Royal Park in London and a workout haven.
Full of trails and gardens, this park is perfect for you to create your own running and training paths in the picturesque fields and woodlands.

Hyde is famous for being divided by the Serpentine, a 40 acre recreational lake. The Serpentine is an impeccable spot for 2 mile running loops and a peaceful way to unwind alongside your personal trainer in the evenings.

Interesting Fact:

Feel like taking a dip after your run? A rectangular swimming area is located in the southern area of the park, open in the summer months!


Regent’s Park

Have your trainer meet you in the ‘gardener’s paradise’ known as Regent Park.
This park is one large inner circle, a total of 410 acres in size and a one-of-a-kind place to run or train. If you’re up for a challenge, there are plenty of steep inclines and long running routes.  

In the mood to try something new?
Nearly 100 acres of the park are set aside for a variety of sports such as football, cricket, and frisbee!

Interesting Fact:

Regent’s Park is the home to a wide variety of roses and thousands upon thousands of rose bushes.

Limited offer

With British Summer Time just a stone throw away, we hope these parks inspire you to step out of winter feeling motivated and ready to enjoy the outdoors. Book a fitness session with one of our personal trainers to accelerate your fitness regime.

We’ll meet you in any of the amazing locations!

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Fall in Love with You this February

A positive state of mind is crucial for good health, happiness and success. Your body craves goodness, the better you feel the better you look, and vice –versa. It is important to love and appreciate yourself, only then will it all become clear.

Happiness Hormone

You may have heard of ‘Runners high‘?
Don’t worry, you don’t have to be the next Mo Farah to achieve this kind of rush. This particular high is a result of the happiness hormone (more commonly known as Endorphins) being released into your body, creating the desirable state of euphoria and best of all it is 100% natural.

Exercise releases endorphins, this generates a numerous amount of benefits, all with the added bonus of getting fit!

Helps fight Anxiety, Depression and Reduce Stress

Whether you are working long hours, stuck in an office, studying for exams or holding up the fort, the importance of ‘me time’ should never be underestimated. Exercise can dramatically reduce anxiety, depression and stress. It can act as a long-term solution, benefiting your mind and body. Endorphins can act as natural painkiller, help you organise your thoughts and boost your mood significantly.


By increasing your ability to focus, your fitness goals, work goals and personal goals are all going to benefit, but this is not where it ends. Endorphins increase your ability to process emotion. By listening to your thoughts with a clear mind you are more likely  to understand what your body requires. Taking the time to focus on your thoughts and reflect on your day will help you overcome any obstacles put in your way.

Lower Blood Pressure

Your health should be your number one priority. A healthy diet and daily exercise is a great place to start! If you are concerned about the activity being too strenuous, then it is important to talk to your TruBe trainer, they will create a program to ease you in gently, this will help build stamina and create positive and lasting results.


A positive outlook generates positive results. The more you exercise the more motivated you will become and with your TruBe trainer there to cheer you on, you are bound to succeed!
Your motivation will carry across into all aspects of life; you will feel less tired and become more efficient with your time.

Stay true to you

Exercise is a powerful tool. No two people are the same; finding out what works for you will enable you to enjoy the journey and make it personal.
Exercise will uncover many lasting relationships, 
strengthen your mind and will make you the best version of yourself, someone to be truly proud of.

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Best Websites to Update your Fitness Wardrobe

The combination of fitness and fashion has stepped up a gear in recent years with the line between your gym and casual wardrobe has almost faded. With the warmer weather upon us, it’s the perfect time to update your fitness wardrobe.

So whether it’s gym-luxe, sports-luxe or just hands down sexy, we’ve put together our go-to online destinations to update your fitness wardrobe.

Check them out and get kitted out.

1. Hip & Healthy

Hip and Healthy website

We love Hip & Healthy’s mission to inspire you to be the best version of yourself – much like TruBe! And it shows in their clothing range: The H&H team hand picks each and every item of activewear they stock, featuring exclusive brands and designs. It’s a sleek and simple shopping experience.

2. ActiveinStyle

Active in Style

Founded in 2013, ActiveinStyle understands the need for fashionable yet functional activewear. Having successfully launched Australian activewear brand Lorna Jane in the UK, ActiveinStyle expanded its offering and soon added multiple labels, exclusively launching brands such as Vie Active, Pilot Athletic, Nimble & Running Bare in  the UK.

3. Net-a-sporter

Net Sporter

An off shoot of big sister Net-A-Porter, this site stocks sportswear that’s as chic as everything else in your closet. It offers smart tennis looks that are anything but traditional, precision running pants, yoga and dance clothes you can really move in, and a dedicated section for après-workout – this is sport with style.

4. Vie Activewear

Vie Active Wear

Founded in Australia’s famous Bondi Beach in 2012 with just eight  Merino styles, founders Bryan and Noa Ries wanted to create activewear that was not only discreetly luxurious, but also captured the fun and freedom of their lifestyle by the beach. Vie Activewear offers high-performance clothing that lets you enjoy the benefits of living an active life without having to compromise on how you look and feel.

5. Live the Process

Live the Process

Live The Process offers succinct, sage and simple tips for people at every stage of a wellness journey to integrate daily. Inspired by the site’s innovative approach to wellness, Live The Process offers a luxury activewear brand that presents a modern interpretation of classic activewear essentials.

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