6 reasons to do a TruBe session with a friend or partner

We all know that having a trainer partner makes exercising less of a chore, but should you be doing a personal training session with a partner as well? Here are 7 reasons why you should!

1) Great Motivation
As the days get shorter our motivation to train dwindles. Having a training partner means you are more likely resist the temptation of cancelling your session.

2) Get to Know Them Better
Exercising with someone else breaks down many of the social barriers that prevent you from really getting to know someone. This makes it a much healthier alternative to drinking alcohol!

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3) It’s More Fun
It’s a well known fact that exercising releases the happy hormones endorphins. Well, training with your buddy not only does that,  it makes you laugh even through the toughest exercises. TruBe uses various complex exercises that will encourage maximum interaction and contact with your partner. So Smiles all around!

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4) Cost Effective
Having a training partner can save you money. It cuts the cost of personal training session in half making it much more affordable.

5) Push Harder
Let’s face it, we all like a bit of competitive edge. Training with a partner encourages you to work harder to out perform each other and to work as a team. You wish each other well because you’re in it together. It’s a healthy attitude that will translate into your daily life making you more successful.

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6) It’s just cool!
Training with a partner looks cool and is super cool. Not only do you get them to try challenging elements of acroyoga, core exercises and plyometrics moves in your training, you also grow stronger as friends or partners.

So why not download the app, book a workout, split the cost and try it with a friend.

Dana V – @DanaandAliceFitness