Perfect Last Minute Fitness Gifts

With the New Year quickly following the Christmas break. You can be sure that your loved ones minds will quickly switch from the festivities to fitness.

It’s not too late for those last minute online gifts, so kickstart their ‘New Year New You’ program with one of these last minute gift ideas.

Another pair of black leggings? Think again. Nike are the perfect fit, suck everything in and bring out your amazing shape. Kim Kardashian booty? 5/10. Sexy long legs? 10/10.

Long gone are the days where you need a gym with static machines for each and every muscle.
The suspension trainer is a brilliantly devised piece of equipment that will push you to the next level.
Does a single leg press up to lunge high knee jump sound impossible? Book in a session and we’ll work at it!

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Meeting the girls for coffee after your workout? Lululemon side tie top is the answer. Workout gear might be the new fashion trend but you don’t want to always feel like you’ve left the gym. If you’re sick of neutral colours, order two sizes above your usual and add a coloured sports bra for a statement.

Trainers are my addiction and I’m guilty for having too many pairs, but if you feel you can’t show off your new kicks at your Ballet workout and doing classes barefoot? Add these to your Shoe collection. Added bonus, they come with laces to make you feel like a real ballerina.


TruBe Gift Cards
Purchasing one of our gift cards is like buying your loved ones a new year’s resolution they will stick to. Choose from a variety of sessions, from boxing to Ballet Fit, to help you get summer ready, no excuses for no time to workout, be it because the gym is too far away or your lunch break isn’t long enough, we’ll come to you, everything you need at a tap of a finger. As the saying goes, summer bodies are made in the winter.

After all the feasting and probably a few too many glasses, kickstart 2016 the right way.
It’s not a quick fix but Press London offer a great 3 day cleanse to remove flush out the toxins from the holidays.


Sore muscles? When stretching isn’t quite enough, this little beast will do the trick. I won’t lie, it hurts! but it slowly releases all the tension in your muscles, helps with lymphatic drainage and even cellulite.

This spray is your new best friend. Full of essential oils, it purifies your skin leaving you glowing and hydrated after a workout. Use it after you apply your makeup and it will keep it all in place as well.

Courgette noodles anyone? Incorporate more veggies to your diet by adding this small gadget to your kitchen essentials. Cut over half the calories, add double the taste and green power.


The little secret to long and lean legs. Glute bridges, leg lifts, squats and crab walks getting too easy? These will just make it a little harder. With different resistances for every level, these small little bands will fit in your handbag, so no excuses.

Supplement Bundles
Adding supplements to your diet gives you a nutritional safety net. The MissFits Multitasker is bursting with lean pea protein and crammed with essential nutrients,


I hope your loved ones enjoy their gifts.

Happy last minute shopping and merry Christmas!



Tamsin O, London Personal Trainer

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