Ten Reasons to Get a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers have rapidly emerged as a key component to living a healthy lifestyle and reaching your fitness goals.

At times they are your best friend, shouting encouragement and pushing you to be your best. At other times they’re your worst enemy as they push you to do yet another set of burpees.

We believe having a personal trainer in your life adds a myriad of benefits to your training, so we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you might consider trying a personal trainer.

1. You struggle for training motivation

If you’re struggling to get your sessions done, you may be in need of a personal trainer. When you train with someone else, it not only motivates you to get to a session but you train harder during it.

2. Your routine has become stale

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Always doing the same exercises in the gym? There’s nothing more demotivating than doing the same boring session every time you go to the gym. A personal trainer will provide new exercises to perform in different ways making every session exciting. You will find yourself looking forward to your training sessions instead of dreading them.

3. Your diet is unhealthy

We believe in the holistic approach to training, great food, hard training and the best rest and relaxation. If you find you are starting to incorporate unhealthy eating habits into your routine, it may be a sign you need the professional guidance and goal setting a personal trainer brings.

4. You aren’t seeing performance gains

Have your results slowed or plateaued? A personal trainer will help you to set new achievable goals with measurable benchmarks along the way. They will then help you to formulate a research lead strategy that will get you to each milestone.

5. You keep getting injured

Personal trainers ensure that you follow exercise programmes that doesn’t over-stress your body. Our trainers are trained to teach sessions that work in harmony with your body instead of against it.

6. You don’t have reliable training buddies

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Training with friends is fun, and sharing sessions can be a beautiful thing. It is great to set goals together and motivate each other to do those hard sessions. However, if you find yourself regularly training solo, it may be time for a new fitness friend.

7. Your passion has dwindled

You know that feeling when you first fall in love with getting fit? We believe a key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is constantly falling back in love with physical fitness. A personal trainer can bring new dimensions to your training to help you reach your goals.

8. You never have time to workout

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When living a busy London life, regular exercise can sometimes fall by the wayside. If you find that you never have time for a workout, it may be that a pre-booked personal training session, at your home, will be the motivation you need to get out of bed.

9. You want to undertake a new challenge

Often we set goals for ourselves like running a marathon or entering a CrossFit event without really understanding the extreme physical stress we are about to put our bodies through. A personal trainer can help prepare you both mentally and physically for the challenges that lay ahead.

10. You’re stressed or depressed

If you are stressed or depressed the last thing you want to do is exercise. However regular exercise is a great way to lift your spirits. Having a pre booked personal trainer who is sympathetic towards your lifestyle will be able to adapt your session accordingly.

After a TruBe workout, we’re always thankful for our personal trainers who help us stretch ourselves further than we would on our own. Why not try TruBe by downloading the iPhone app and see if a personal trainer makes a difference to your fitness? Try a variety of different workouts with a range of our expert TruBe trainers.


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