Protein Power Ball Recipe

Protein snacks have a bad reputation for being hard to swallow and digest. However these protein power balls are breaking the mould. They are delicious and perfect to eat straight after a workout. The recipe is easy to follow and take no longer than 20 minutes to make! Try them yourself.

2 scoops whey protein, chocolate or vanilla, also can be used soy protein for lactose intolerance.
100g almond butter (or any choice of butter)
250g dates
25g chia seeds
50g flax seeds,can be mix with pumpkin and sunflower seeds
100g cashews
100g almonds
50g organic porridge oats
4 tsp coconut oil
50g good quality cacao powder (optional)

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1. Soak the dates in hot water.
2. Chop the nuts finely.
3. Blend all of the wet ingredients and cacao then add the nuts,oats and seeds.
4. The mixture will look dry but will form balls perfectly using your hands.
5. Roll them in cacao powder to add the chocolatey flavour if you desire, but they are equally as tasty without.
6. Store in the fridge.

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