Vegan vs Paleo, what’s the bottom line?

What is vegan?
A 100% Plant-based diet. No animal products including meat, fish, dairy, eggs and even honey. Veganism is associated with lower rates of obesity, heart disease, and improved longevity. It is growing in popularity due to the benefits to human health, the environment (and of course to animals).

What is Paleo?
Also known as the ‘Cave-man diet’. What would our pre-agricultural hunter-gatherer ancestors have eaten? Animal protein, nuts, seeds and plenty of vegetables. No foods that are a product of modern agricultural processing (bread, dairy, processed food). Those who follow a Paleo diet experience fewer allergies and diseases, healthier muscles and better digestion, as well as the ability to maintain a healthy weight.

What’s the bottom line?
Experiment. We’re all different. Vegan can work and not work, same with Paleo: find out for yourself. Listen to your body, and follow your instinct (something rarely done these days with all the pressures of our modern society). Look at what these two diets have in common. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, the following ‘diet rules’ are a common thread: Eat whole foods, good fats and proteins, and cut back on sugar and other modern processed stuff.

Personally, I’ve been vegan for 6 years as a professional dancer and personal trainer. I have absolutely thrived, enjoying more energy, better skin, better sleep, better digestion and finally recovering from anemia (iron deficiency).

I know Paleo works for many people, particularly in my home country, South Africa, where it is feverishly popular.

… But then again, Novak Djokavik is vegan #justsaying

By Ashleigh Wilson

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