The TruBe Detox

Firstly let’s establish what Detoxing actually means.

Pollutants in our environment such as air pollution or stress and sugars and fats from poor food choices, lead to a buildup of ‘free radicals’ in our cells. These free radicals or formed by the oxidation of pollutants. Our cells contain DNA, of which, are programmed to perform many jobs such as protecting against cancers and other diseases.

If we build up too many free radicals in our cells through poor diet and stressful lifestyles, we can cloud out the DNA within our cells, which stops the DNA being read and therefore the role of that DNA occurring. As you will now see, this is not good.

A detox diet in actual fact, would be specifically be to reduce the amount of free radicals we have in our cells. These foods are high in antioxidant properties.

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There are a number of foods are high in antioxidants:
Green vegetables
Red vegetables
Berries of all kinds
Green and black teas
With this in mind we don’t think that you should take up any drastic fad diets that are impossible to stick to, or exercise so much that it takes you the rest of the year to recover from. We just think that January is perfect for a fresh start.

We simply suggest that you clean up your diet by making some small changes. For example you could cut out one or two of the following:

Refined Sugar
Processed food
or an unhealthy weakness like chocolate

To kick start your detox we have developed the perfect workout program that you can do from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need any equipment just grab your kit and find a small amount of space. You can follow the first week’s workouts in the video below.

There is a quick fitness test to gauge your progress and then a strength, power, HIIT (high intensity interval workout) and recovery workout.

To get your detox diet started a 3 day juice cleanse is always a good idea. This will not only help you flush out toxins but it’s also the easiest way to get into the healthy eating mindset.

We think that the juices from PRESS London are amazing, so we managed to get a special discount for TruBe friends. Use the promo code TRUBEDETOX to receive 15% off their 3 day cleanse.

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Good luck with detox and let us know how your program is going!

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