Meditation Guide inspired by Earth Day.

Meet TruBe trainer, Yogi and Meditation specialist, Katya. Kayta is was born and raised in Russia where Earth Day is celebrated a little differently.

On this day when Katya and her family arrived home, back from work, school or whereever, they would turn off all of the lights, the television, all the gadgets, phones and instead they would light some candles.

Together, they would sit down and practice one hour of silence. Removing all external distractions and negative thoughts that may have occurred throughout the day.

The intention of this practice was to disconnect and inorder to reconnect. Kayta always found this experience highly rewarding and very grounding.

It is important to nourish your soul, this can be as simple as taking a step back. Taking the time to reflect and to be still is a really beautiful thing that you can do for yourself although often under-valued.

Katya still continues with the practice even to this day, if this is something that you would like to try, what better day than today, you can practice alone or together.

If you are less familiar with mediation practices or don’t feel comfortable sitting in silence, Katya recommends turning your attention to something that comforts you such as taking out a sketchbook to tap into your creative outlet or by expressing yourself through music. The intention of the practice is to connect you with your true self.

If we care for ourselves, we can care for others, only then we can care for our earth.

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