Destination workout

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This is your ultimate guide for your next destination workout! We have everything you need for creating an unforgettable experience at the location of your choosing. From Personal trainers to post-workout snacks.

1. Killer playlist for every workout

This time is your time. A killer playlist is the best way to keep your head in the game, removing any distractions that could pull you away from your intentions. 

2. Activewear that makes you feel amazing

Choose your activewear based on how it makes you feel. For high-intensity workouts we recommend fully-functional leggings that move with you for a workout without limits. Nike is out go-to for this:

For low intensity workouts something that keeps you warm in Shavasana and cool in Warrior.  Something like the ventlight collection:

3. Set your intentions 

This will help you determine that destination that will work best for you. For high intensity workouts aim to avoid points of the day where the sun is at its highest, and make sure there are plenty of shaded areas for you to take cover for some much needed hydration. Somewhere like Battersea park or London fields.

For a more zen like practice, maybe somewhere with a view or a pool of water Hamstead Heath or Primrose hill.

4. Personal trainer or wellness specialist

Make every second count with a personalised programme designed specifically to your goals. Incorporating a range of factors that account for both physical and mental wellbeing. Get creative with your destination workout by selecting one of our more niche disciplines such as Kickboxing or Ballet fit! Click here to see all of our amazing trainers available for in-person and virtual training sessions across ten disciplines.

4. Post-workout pick-me-up

Take a post-workout treat for a job well done. Following a workout your body will be in need of some nourishment. Here are some of our favourite accounts with some great pack up recipes: 


Or why not swing by a near by smoothie booth for your vitamin/protein boost:

Joe And The Juice


Be sure to tag @trubeapp and let us know where you chose for your destination workout! Or why not join us for one of our pop-up classes this Summer only.

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