Session summary

As you enter this new stage of your life, keeping fit and healthy is more important than ever. Pregnancy instructors will help keep expectant/ new mothers feeling fit, active and supported. Appropriate pre and postnatal exercises can reduce and prevent pain and increase circulation. You will learn breathing techniques and experience a session tailored to you.

Why Choose Pre/Post Natal

There are multiple benefits of keeping healthy, both mentally and physically, during pregnancy and as a mother. Your TruBe trainer will provide a full body program for pre and postnatal pregnancy workouts. With TruBe you are able to workout in the comfort and security of your own environment at a pace that suits you.

  Benefits of Pre/Post Natal

  • Keep toned and supported throughout your pregnancy
  • Improve your wellbeing
  • Restart your post-natal program
  • Improve your sleep and reduce restlessness
  • Improve circulation and posture
  • Feel energised and reassured you are working within your limits
  • Receive a program tailored to you

  TruBe Pre/Post Natal sessions consist of:

  • Personal training based training
  • Yoga based training
  • Meditation based training
  • Pilates based training
  • Prenatal fitness and wellbeing focused
  • Postnatal fitness and wellbeing focused


If you are currently pregnant, or have recently given birth, we have a highly qualified and experience selection of personal trainer who specialise in Pre/Postnatal fitness and wellbeing. Pre/Postnatal sessions will be designed around your goal, fitness level and personal requirements. Get fit knowing you are in the presence of a highly trained professional.

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Why TruBe?

TruBe is an On-Demand Fitness and Wellness Service based in London.

With TruBe you can experience multiple disciplines with specialist fitness instructors and massage therapists. Enjoy private sessions in the comfort of your home, office or local park with the option to bring up to two friends! Each session will be adapted to suit your goals, offering you the freedom to explore new possibilities.

You have the option to Pay As You Go, or you can purchase a TruPack. The TruPack is made up of 4, 8 or 12 discounted sessions that are valid for three months.