Ballet Fit

Ballet Fit

An effective way to burn calories, sculpt muscles and improve balance with floor work and strength exercises. Ballet fit sessions will incorporate a range of elements into one session, engaging both you mind and body. Increase focus and regain control.

Why choose Ballet Fit

Experience a ballet-inspired workout for lean muscles and improved balance. Ballet training is an effective way to burn calories and sculpt muscles by incorporating small, isolated movements into each workout. Our professional ballet instructors will teach you new ballet positions whilst incorporating floor work and strength exercises to build your strength and endurance.

  Benefits of Ballet Fit

  • Build core strength
  • Build your endurance levels
  • Complement multiple disciplines
  • Improve posture and alignment
  • Improve your strength and balance
  • Enhance muscle definition
  • Full body transformation/workout
  • Promote flexibility
  • Reduce signs of anxiety and depression
  • Target new muscles and gain ease of movement

  TruBe Ballet Fit sessions consist of:

  • Ballet Barre inspired workouts
  • Ballet basics to intermediate techniques
  • Feel the Burn sequences
  • Lengthening, toning and stretching exercises
  • Strength building practices
  • Core focused exercises


Anyone who looking to challenge both their mind and body. Perfect if you want to tone their physique and enjoy private ballet or dance classes. No previous experience required, each session will be tailored your your goals, current fitness level and interests.

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Why TruBe?

TruBe is an On-Demand Fitness and Wellness Service based in London.

With TruBe you can experience multiple disciplines with specialist fitness instructors and massage therapists. Enjoy private sessions in the comfort of your home, office or local park with the option to bring up to two friends! Each session will be adapted to suit your goals, offering you the freedom to explore new possibilities.

You have the option to Pay As You Go, or you can purchase a TruPack. The TruPack is made up of 4, 8 or 12 discounted sessions that are valid for three months.