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Personal training workout overview

Every session is tailored around your fitness goals, making it the most efficient way to get in shape.

Why Choose Personal training?

  • Losing fat and toning up
  • Increasing muscle size and strength
  • Improving your overall fitness and endurance
  • Getting ready for a specific event such as a wedding or a 10k run
  • Burning 650* calories

Benefits of Personal training with TruBe

  • Your chosen personal trainer will come to you, in comfort of your home, office, or nearest park.
  • No equipment needed, we bring everything.
  • Have a one-to-one personal training session or invite up to 2 friends with no surcharge.
  • Choose your intensity and receive post-workout feedback.
  • All TruBe Trainers are vetted, certified and insured.
  • Enjoy Cash-free payments.

How TruBe works

Bring your bookings to life with 3 simple steps. Booking a personal trainer has never been so simple.

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Choose a personal trainer that best meets your fitness goals.

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Pick a time, location and securely pay online.

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Exercise where you want, when you want.

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Personal trainers client reviews

Fantastic experience

I had a fantastic experience with TruBe- my trainer really listened to me and targeted the areas I wanted to work on. He was friendly and very knowledgeable! Highly recommend this amazing app!

Fantastic experience

TruBe trainers are fun, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable! Such a great resource for anyone wanting to get fit but not sure how to or what kind of exercise they like. So many different things to try and extremely flexible!

Great resource for anyone

The instructors and organisers have been consistently helpful and go above and beyond to ensure the service we offer to our members is consistent yet adaptable when we need it to be. I would without a doubt recommend TruBe.

Personal Trainer Prices - TruBe

Have full access to the best selection of on-demand trainers and therapists in Elephant and Castle.

Single sessions

Complete Flexibility and no commitment.


20 Minute call with recommendations based on your goals.

Pay as You Go

Single session with any TruBe Trainer.

Monthly subscription

Best Value for frequent workouts.


Your monthly 5 or 10 session Plan.

Session Packs

Stock up your workouts at great value.


5-10-15 Session Pack with 3 months expiraton.

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