At TruBe, we provide you with the opportunity to motivate, reenergise, reengage, and make your employees more efficient through the benefits of our live health and fitness classes.

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Physical well-being at work

Investing in the health of your employees has never been more prevalent than it has been today. With the changes that occurred in 2020, then the switch to working from home and less activity taking place, everyone's health and well-being have all been impacted to a higher degree.

In the UK:

Over 1.3 million workers suffer from work-related ill-health
The average cost to a business is £522 per employee
25.7 million working days are lost per year through ill-health
£32 billion per year is due to health related issues

When you also consider that:

Motivating yourself to exercise at home can be hard
Lacking a structure to your daily routine can make people less productive
Social interaction can be less common

The impact of you physical and mental well-being begins to slip and can have a detrimental impact on both your work and your life.

The benefits of our live classes for you

Improved morale of individuals within the business

Aid positive mental wellbeing within the company

Reduced staff sick days and stress levels, anxiety, and depression

Increased endorphins to create happier and more resilient employees

Emproved employee, employeer relashionships

Connect with the workforce that work from home or off-site

Improved staff retention and and job satisfaction

Additional employee benefits for working with your business

8 unique disciplines

Personal training
Ballet fit
Pre/Post Natal

Our trainers

Through our strict qualification criteria and diligent background checks, we ensure that every trainer meets our gold standard of providing the best service.

This qualifying criterion includes, but not limited to:

  • Degrees within their exercise fields
  • Minimum number of year’s experience
  • Proven track record of customer satisfaction
  • Background Checks
  • Fully Insured

Salary Sacrifice

TruBe in the press

Booking the trainer is the easy part. An on-demand ass-kicking is a few taps away

Like Uber for personal trainers

The best part? If you work out with a friend you share the cost of a session

The best app for busy women

What our clients say

An experience like no other

TruBe have been excellent in WeWork, the masseuse that come in are always very professional, they are always on time so no one over runs for their meetings and the members in the building always have such great feedback. I will enjoy to continuously work with them

Fantastic experience

TruBe trainers are fun, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable! Such a great resource for anyone wanting to get fit but not sure how to or what kind of exercise they like. So many different things to try and extremely flexible!

Great resource for anyone

The instructors and organisers have been consistently helpful and go above and beyond to ensure the service we offer to our members is consistent yet adaptable when we need it to be. I would without a doubt recommend TruBe.

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