What your Unlimited 1:1 Virtual sessions Includes

Unlimited access to our top-rated trainers, providing you as many sessions as you need in Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, Stretching, Meditation, Boxing, Pre & Post Natal, and more.

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The Unlimited Plan
comes with:

Unlimited number of sessions

Have as many sessions as you like

8 different disciplines

Yoga, Pilates, PT, Meditation, and more

One to one training

Get the benefits of training individually with your favourite trainer

a list of the best TRAINERS

We have a huge variety of high-qualified trainers avaliable for booking

All for only £99 per month

Woman fitness

Unlimited sessions for everyone:

Always live and never recorded

There is nothing better than a private, virtual 1:1 session to keep you motivated, inspired, and on your way to achieving your fitness goals.

Unlike pre-recoded videos, TruBe’s 1:1 workouts are all designed with the individual in mind. With every trainer taking the time to understand your goals, your timelines, and what works for you, you’ll get a bespoke workout plan that will help you to achieve your dreams.

Your specialist
is on the line

We will connect you with a specialist by a videocall. No pre-recorded sessions, no group classes – only you and your trainer.

Personal Training

Private 1:1 workout
sessions will help

In today’s ever-changing world, we understand that whilst everyone’s body is different and reacts differently to exercise, the one constant we all have is that we need to stay connected and be motivated both mentally as well as physically.

With 100’s of trainers and a variety of different disciplines (Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, Meditation, etc) there is something to suit everyone and their individual needs.

At TruBe, we believe that our unlimited online 1:1 sessions are best when:

You’re looking for personal attention that simply can’t be given in a group setting or pre-recorded video.

You’re hoping to improve your movement or set of movements and therefore it is important that the trainer pays specific attention to you and your form.

You’ve had an injury, are pregnant, or have another condition that requires modifications or special attention and care that you can’t get in a group environment.

You have an event, a wedding, or a holiday that you want to get more toned and look physically healthier for.

You want a customised workout plan that is specific to you and your needs.

You need help with achieving your goals but attending groups or downloading videos enables you to cut corners and not be accountable for your exercise.

What will you need

  • Access:
    Our App or Website

  • Equipment:
    Just a bottle of water

  • Space:
    3x3 m space

  • Time:
    Up to 1 hour

  • Connection:

  • Cost:
    £99 per month: Unlimited 1:1 Sessions

How it works

Visit our
Choose your specialist
Choose your
date and time
Meet your
TruBe Trainer

About Unlimited plan

What do you mean by “Unlimited Sessions”?

Exactly that - UNLIMITED. At TruBe we do not put a limit on your session numbers with our Unlimited Virtual Plan. Instead, we enable you to book as many sessions as you need to help you achieve your goals.

Simply find the session type you want to do (Yoga, Pilates, Personal training, etc), then choose the date, time and one of our 5* trainers

How long does my plan last for?

The unlimited virtual session plan runs for 30 days before renewing again. In those 30 days you will be able to book as many trainers, sessions, and different discipline types as you like in order to achieve your fitness goals.

How much does the plan cost?

Our individual 1:1 virtual sessions with a trainer usually cost £30 for 1-hour, but with our Unlimited Virtual plan, we enable you to have as many as you need for just £99 per month.

What happens if I am unable to attend the session?

If you are unable to attend your session booking, then we ask that you cancel it with at least 12-hours’ notice. Whist we appreciate that this may not always be possible, and we do take every reason for cancelation into consideration. If a session is cancelled with less than 12-hours’ notice, then we will apply a £20 fee to your account.

To stop this from happening we have made cancelling easy to do by having a cancel booking option within the app and the booking confirmation section.

What is a virtual session?

A Virtual session allows you to book private 1:1 session’s that will be delivered live over Zoom to your mobile, tablet, PC, or smart device. This service is not limited by location and provides you with all the benefits of a 1:1 in-person session.

Following each booking you will receive a link to join the session via email and in the app. Once you click on this link, your trainer will join you via video at the confirmed date and time and provide you with your tailored training.

How do I access my account?

You can access your account through the TruBe app currently available on iOS and can be found here: https://apps.apple.com/GB/app/id945711248?mt=8

Or you can head to the TruBe website via www.trubeapp.com and log in through the homepage, the login button is located at the top right-hand side of the screen.

You will be asked to enter your email and password, or you can log in via Facebook or Apple, you can also create an account here if you have not yet registered.

Can I pause my membership?

You can place your membership on pause through your account. Once logged in, go to 'My Account', then select 'Control my Membership', then opt to 'Pause my Plan'.

Your membership can be placed on pause for a maximum of 30 days, if you need more time than this, then please contact a member of the TruBe support team via, https://trubeapp.com/contact.html.

Memberships can only be paused once per renewal and sessions cannot be booked whilst your membership is on pause.

To resume your account, go back to 'My Account' then select 'Control my Membership', then opt to 'Resume my Membership'.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your account, go into your account, select to 'Control my Membership' and then 'Cancel my Membership'.

If you still have sessions to book in, they can be booked in after you cancel. You have until the final day of your 30-day period to book all remaining sessions in. After this, they will expire and no further payments will be taken.

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