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Salary Sacrifice

Meditation for everyone

We understand that life can be busy sometimes and, just like nurturing any new skill, it can be difficult to cultivate a regular meditation practice without the close guidance and accountability gained from one-to-one support.

Perhaps you’ve tried meditation before and found some benefit but struggled with chronic distraction or falling asleep.

Perhaps you want a more personal approach to meditation and Buddhist psychology, to really discover and reduce the inner causes of destructive emotions.

Whatever your goals, during our 1-to-1 sessions, we can offer you the opportunity to discuss what matters to you and propel you towards you goal for your meditation practice.

Private Meditation classes will help

Private sessions are a great way to get to understand your body better, whilst fine tuning your technique and getting the bespoke results you desire. The 1:1 session with our experienced instructors help because:

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Our emotions are important to us as they shape our experience of our reality. They can be amazing and want to hold on to them forever, or sometimes they can be unbearable. Whatever the experience, meditation provides a way to channel these emotions and utilise these feelings.

Our Meditation teachers are all about cultivating a profound sense of mental and emotional balance. With TruBe, it’s not about suppressing negative emotions, but about learning to experience and govern our emotions in a healthy, dynamic way.

During your one-to-one programme you will draw on the practical experience of meditation, psychology, and Buddhist wisdom. Our trainers will help enable you to grow the ability of the mind, body, and maintain equilibrium and flexibility in the face of life’s challenges. These one-to-one sessions will help you to deepen your understanding of emotions and help discover the ability to regulate your responses. Our Meditation sessions will promote physical health, and will become a prerequisite for enhancing your own personal wellbeing and growth.

What will you need

  • Access:
    Our App or Website

  • Equipment:
    Just a bottle of water

  • Space:
    3x3 m space

  • Time:
    1 hour

  • Connection:

  • Cost:
    From £30 per session

Like Uber for personal trainers

All the trainers are fully qualified and thoroughly vetted so you know you’re in good hands.