Carmina Gonzalez

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A perfect blend of Yoga and meditation to leave you feeling happier, enlightened, and restored
London, UK



Carmina enjoys long walks in nature, she loves travel and photography; raised 2 children that are now adults and after a traumatic life threatening experience 22 years ago, she d...

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Favourite workout Song:
Gracias a la Vida by Ellis Regina (thanks to life)
Proudest moment as a Trainer:
One of my students had a very traumatic experience and besides doing therapy, she came to me for help with grounding and breathing techniques that could help her physically and emotionally move on from the experience. The process and transformation was incredibly moving. Helping her go through the experience and come out the other side stronger, happier, more peaceful and with a purpose, was a realisation on how helping others is a gift that I enjoy very much, walking hand in hand with them in any goal they want to achieve has always been my dream.


  • 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Certified
Practice, practice, practice