Ashley Bailey

  • Zen Master

Disciplines and skills

  • Yoga
  • De-stressing
  • Hatha Yoga

Body awareness, strength & flexibility for mental health & emotional wellbeing

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TruBe Sessions<10

Average rating5.00


Yoga physical practice and philosophy helped Ashley’s development of my self-knowledge, trauma healing and creating deeper and more meaningful connections with others and the world around her which she wants to pass on to her Yoga participants. Ashley has the goal of creating safe, powerful, free and deep sessions with you, so that you can connect your body and mind in your own flow. The sessions should lead to the goals of every individual’s imagination by motivating and challenging every person. Ashley works with you together and is choosing the session types depending on your feelings and your health situation.For individuals who would like to keep active and practice yoga but have limited mobility due to injury, an operation, health conditions or age Ashley is able to give a chair session and support every different body.

Industry experience1+

Qualifications and associacions

  • -200h Yoga Teacher Training
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