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New Radicals - you only get what you give.

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Greetings, I'm Alex, a seasoned personal trainer with 15 years of experience. My approach is disciplined, rooted in strength, and marked by conscientious care. Standing tall both...

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15+ years


  • Qualified Personal Trainer - Level 3


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New Radicals - you only get what you give.
Proudest moment as a Trainer:
Being in the industry for 15 years I have many. Recognition in the form of global ambassador roles including lululemon, power plate and optimum nutrition.



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My commitment to you

As your personal trainer, my coaching style is a blend of experience, empathy, and boundless energy. I go beyond motivating; I aim to energize and educate, creating a holistic approach to your fitness journey. Drawing from years of experience, I tailor each session with a keen understanding of your needs, fostering a supportive and empowering environment. Together, we'll not only sculpt your body but also enrich your knowledge, ensuring a transformative and sustainable fitness experience. I am committed to being your guide, motivator, and educator, propelling you toward lasting success.

I lift weights and spirits.

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