Jen Painter

  • Newly discovered

Disciplines and skills

  • Pre / Post-Natal
  • Pilates
  • Personal Training
  • Pre/Post Natal
  • Fitness consultation
  • Technical based
  • Maintain Fitness level

Pilates teacher with a special focus on Pre- and Post Natal

Reviews and rating

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Review from Tanya W. after Personal Training

TruBe Sessions33

Average rating5.00


When Jen works with a client as well as looking at their posture she will try to identify what areas of the body might be holding tension. So first and foremost Jen will work with the body to relieve tension so that you can work efficiently with the muscles you want to strengthen. Every body is different! So while she works, Jen is trying to find the best formula for each client to achieve their full potential as well as taking into consideration their own personal preferences. With Jen’s positive approach and the ability to work gently with bodies that are in need of recovery, she can also push her clients when she believes they can step up their game. The most valuable element to Jen's pilates instruction is her depth knowledge of pre and post natal bodies. Having had 2 kids of her own and experienced some of the complications associated with childbirth herself, Jen has a first hand experience on how to treat and look after the body of a person in that situation.

Industry experience5+

Qualifications and associacions

  • -CYQ level 3
  • -Stott
  • -body control
  • -cyq
  • -reps
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