Pawel Szkolnicki

  • Transformation Specialist

Disciplines and skills

  • Personal Training

Transform Your Lifestyle Holistically Through A Combination of Training and Nutrition

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Coming from a kickboxing background, Pawel will help you hit your target health and fitness goals, through a combination of different workouts, nutrition, and expert advice on how you can change your mindset to help you achieve your body goals. Specialized in Strength Training, Weight Loss Training, Body Transformation, as well as offering Relaxation Sessions, Pawel has had experience with catering his classes and programs to fit all your health needs, and is always passionate, ambitiout, and driven to help you succeed.

Industry experience11+

Qualifications and associacions

  • -Bachelor of Science in Sport Development with Business Management
  • -Certificate Personal Trainer and Advanced Instructor
  • -Certificate Advanced Resistance Training - Techniques, Assessing Muscular Fitness, Exercise Perscription
  • -Certificate Circuit Training
  • -Certificate Torso Training and Core Stability
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