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Emma’s journey started by treating her own injury with yoga. On her journey, she achieved pain relief and self healed her misalignments. Not just from physical improvement, but inner energetic balance helped Emma on her path to becoming a full time Yoga Specialist. Starting in Mexico, Emma has experienced and practised Yoga in multiple locations, including Tokyo, Sydney and now London. Sessions with Emma will cover how to listen to the body, wherein understanding the role of the nervous system in movement, strength and flexibility. Learning what pain is, when you should listen and when you can push through including what it means to stretch – to induce a sensation of ‘oh that feels good’ as opposed to ‘Grrr...this is probably good for me’. In practising the yoga poses, Emma will help deconstruct complex movements for greater efficiency and performance, integrating proper muscle function for better whole body strength.

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Parliament Hill Lido, Gordon House Road Hampstead Heath, London, NW51LN, UK

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