Kareem Ogodo

5.001 Ratings
London, UK

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Hello and welcome! I am more than a yoga trainer; I'm your dedicated partner on the path to well-being. Bringing an organized approach, each session unfolds effortlessly. Embraci...

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2+ years


  • Certified in Advanced Stretching
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training


🇬🇧 English
Proudest moment as a Trainer:
Achieving my certification



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My commitment to you

Welcome to transformative yoga sessions tailored just for you. My coaching style is impactful, aiming for sessions that leave a lasting impression. It's a collaborative journey where we work together, ensuring your needs and goals are at the forefront. Each session is customised to align with your unique preferences and abilities, making it a truly personalised experience. With an effective and versatile approach, we delve into the essence of yoga, creating a practice that resonates with you. Join me in a commitment to impactful, collaborative, customised, effective, and versatile yoga experiences that elevate your well-being.

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