Indre Galvanauskaite

5.001 Ratings
London, UK

Experience and Knowledge

From the age of 5, my love affair with sports began, setting the stage for a journey that fuses my passions for fitness, kickboxing, and boxing. Over the past 11 ½ years in the U...

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6+ years


  • Qualified Personal Trainer - Level 3
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training


🇬🇧 English
Proudest moment as a Trainer:
4 months of training for and completing the London Marathon, 5 months to prepare and compete at my Final Bodybuilding competition season then flying to India to get Yoga Teacher’s Qualification and travel solo around SE Asia



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My commitment to you

My commitment to your personal training journey is unwavering. I infuse every session with boundless energy, creating an atmosphere of fun and good vibes. The workouts are not just intensive but also deeply rewarding, ensuring that each moment contributes to your fitness triumphs. Let's embark on this dynamic and fulfilling journey together, where energy, enjoyment, and the satisfaction of progress converge for an exceptional personal training experience.

Love, nourish & respect Your body.. that’s the only place You will spend the rest of Your life in.

Everything you need

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Space needed: 3M x 3M
Duration: 1-HR
Location: Your choice

The best trainers

Fully qualified & ensured
At least 2 yrs experience
Background checked

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