Gabriel Ancu

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Disciplines and skills

  • Kickboxing
  • Personal Training
  • Running
  • Stretching
  • Body transformation
  • Evasive techniques
  • Balance
  • Endurance training
  • Dynamic stretching

Professionally trained person who can help you achieve your goals in the most simple and effective w

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Gabriel believes in progress, actions and don’t take anything for granted. Sport was the best thing he enjoyed as a child and teenager. He in a professional football club and with hard work and discipline, he reached his goal of becoming a professional footballer. During all these years, he did learn a lot about the human body and can strongly affirm that the psychological approach is even more important than the physical one and that in order to succeed you need to be committed and willing to sacrifice things that you like. Being very active and passionate about what he does, he inspired a lot of people to get fit and become more aware of their nutritional choices. After graduating from university Gabriel felt even more confident in implementing his own style of training and started to create workout programs and have a deeper understanding of nutrition. All the knowledge acquired as an athlete helped him to feel and understand what his clients are really looking for. Now, he just feels fortunate working in the fitness industry and having a job that gives great joy and appreciation. Gabriel's role is to make the training sessions beneficial and pleasant for the people who may not be confident or even skeptical, as well as for the ones that need a real push or would like to reach the next level.

Industry experience8+

Qualifications and associacions

  • -Active IQ Level 3 Personal Trainer
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