Valentin Farcas

5.001 Ratings
London, UK

Experience and Knowledge

In the world of boxing and kickboxing, I embody a blend of hard work, discipline, and adaptability. My coaching philosophy revolves around fostering a cooperative spirit, tailori...

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5+ years


  • Ex-Boxer
  • Kickboxing


🇬🇧 English
Proudest moment as a Trainer:
When I won my first match at a Kickboxing promotion via second round stoppage


My commitment to you

My commitment to client training is limitless. I bring intensity to every session, pushing limits for transformative results. With a technical focus, I ensure precision in form for maximum impact. Adaptability is key; workouts are adjustable to individual goals and capabilities. Beyond the grind, I foster a social and friendly atmosphere, creating a supportive community. It's more than fitness; it's a journey we embark on together, pushing boundaries and building connections.

With great power comes great responsibility

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