Marc Antoine

  • Transformation Specialist

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  • Personal Training

Enjoy the process, because positive vibes are as important as the results

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He is a fantastic trainer. I had four sessions with Marc and I have not been so energised as now.

Review from Jerzy L. after Personal Training

TruBe Sessions22

Average rating4.87


Marc is starting every fitness journey by assessing the clients current fitness ability and then selecting exercises and a programme that will help them reach their goals to create structure and clarity. With functional training, an effective way of training with limited equipment, Marc focusses on improving performance in a range of sports and activities. By including nutrition as an essential piece of the heath puzzle, Marc is looking into pushing every client and helping to find the right way to understand what makes every individual stronger. The environment needs to be positive, energetic and fun! As a wellness expert, Marc supports lifestyle changes like the habits sleep, mindfulness, kindness and gratitude. To feel happier and healthier after a session with Marc, Marc will look into having achieved something after every session, even if his clients didn’t think that it was possible. To get more out of every client, Marc is having a laugh with everyone, de stresses together and is following the motto of ‘play/have a go.’ Using the SMART model for measurable tracks and courses, Marc is including assessments such as Hip-to-waist ratio, weigh-ins, bleep tests, push up test etc can help measure progress. Suggest that the focus on process goals rather than outcomes, goals as actions that you have ‘control’ over will be the main aspects of every session. Encourage yourself to ‘start with why‘ and choose goals that are meaningful to you, Marc will help you to achieve your goals.

Industry experience5+

Qualifications and associacions

  • -CYQ (YMCA) Level 3
  • -Level 4 qualification Strength and Conditioning
  • -American College Sports Medicine Affiliate Member
  • -National Strength and Conditioning Association.
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