Anushka Paliwal

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London, UK

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Beginning in the media industry, the whirlwind of demands led me to a tipping point of burnout. Seeking solace, I found sanctuary in yoga's embrace. Fuelled by this transformativ...

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3+ years


  • 300-Hr Yoga Teacher Training Certified


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Proudest moment as a Trainer:
My past students telling me that the practice has changed their life. That is the most rewarding moment as a teacher for me.


My commitment to you

Step into my yoga haven where tailor-made sessions await—a fusion of Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, meditation, and mindfulness. Each class is a bespoke journey, meticulously crafted to nurture body and soul. Hatha Yoga's precision intertwines with Ashtanga's dynamic flow, sculpting strength and flexibility. Meditation and mindfulness form the bedrock, inviting serenity into movement. Breathwork becomes our compass, guiding us through each posture, syncing breath and motion. My commitment is unwavering—to create a space where students feel seen, guiding them towards inner harmony. Together, we navigate the depths of yoga, exploring its transformative power, and awakening the union of mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga is not doing the pose perfectly but feeling it in your body and mind

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