Angelica Vasquez

Devoted and happy Yogi for a session centred around you
London, UK


Take ownership of your body, mind and soul. Perfect if you are new to Yoga or have been practicing the art for some time now. Angelica's sessions will help you reach new heights at a pace that suits you. Learn to engage your core, improve your technique and how to put your personality into the movements. Yoga is a personal journey, and a beautiful one at that. Each session will get a step closer to your goals and help you gain a deeper understanding of how you can accomplish them. The sessions will also be designed to help unblock any stresses that have built up throughout the week. This will be a safe space, only positive vibes and deep relaxation. Angelica has been studying 'Sound frequency and therapy' and wants you to be able to experience the wonders of true bliss. By incorporating a 'Sound bath' into your session, this is the perfect way to compliment your Yoga session as you will be more receptive than normal allowing you to feel the frequency of the singing bowls. Be immersed in the moment.


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