Mosley Edwards

Weight Loss, Strength and Tone,Strength and Size, Sports Conditioning, and Injury Rehabilitation
London, UK


Former IBO Boxing Champion and fully qualified Personal Trainer with over 8-years experience, Mosley has a passion for health, sports and exercising. Specialising in Weight Loss, Strength and Tone, Strength and Size, Sports Conditioning, and Injury Rehabilitation, he enjoys helping others live a healthier and happier lifestyle using his experience and knowledge. His philosophy as a trainer, as well as a former athlete, is to train every single one of his clients like a world-class athlete; he believes that even if you are not one, that you can train like one to reach your fitness goals in the shortest amount of time possible. No matter your fitness levels, Mosley is dedicated in helping and motivating his clients to reach their desired fitness goals. This will be achieved through sensible eating, using variations of safe and progressive effective exercises.


  • NASM
  • NASM- NVQ Level 3
  • YMCA- NVQ Level 2