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Kathy will give you unique sessions having a mixture of sports and health elements. Her professional journey was getting her into many different fitness fields like Muay Thai, Crossfit, Pilates, water sports, running and personal training. Katy’s additional education in Acupuncture, Nutrition, Anatomy, Pathologies and Osteopathy give her a deeper and wider knowledge of the human’s body. This knowledge is a good way to tailor the sessions toward your body, fitness and health level! Reaching your personal improvement in fitness and health step by step, Kathy will support you with the movement for your body and the right nutrition!

Certified fitness professional
Fully insured


International Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Certificate Advanced Mat
Certificate Fascia Orientated Pilates Training
Certificate Myofascial Compression
Certificate of Pilates Practitioner
Certificate Corrective Exercise Specialist

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Guardians Personal Training

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Parliament Hill Lido, Gordon House Road Hampstead Heath, London, NW51LN, UK

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