Catherine de Kiewiet

Technique underpins everything in Catherine’s sessions
London, UK


With a competitive background in Tennis and Squash, playing for clubs, county and East of Scotland, Catherine understands the role strength training plays within the wider training environment of competitive sports. Catherine believes only perfect practise makes perfect. This is especially true and necessary when it comes to the large compound and olympic lifts often seen in functional strength programs, in order to maximise the benefit but also reduce the risk of injury. Her approach to clients totally flexible to them, their environment and their lifestyle. Catherine wants to help elevate your lifestyle with fitness so that it becomes an integrated and integral part by working with you and around you. There is no set patten, everyone is a unique and new case. With her very broad range of coaching skills from general fitness training, weight loss/ gain to strength and conditioning, injury prevention for competitive athletes. This allows Catherine to blend elements from different types of training to create the most comprehensive program and cover a variety of needs. Catherine's sessions vary depending on your goals. They range from high impact Crossfit-style training to focussed, specific weight lifting, hypertrophy and rehabilitation. Challenging you in each session and help you push your limits further each time Catherine wants to give her clients the freedom of movement. To be able to freely move their bodies freely in any way they want to, be it for sport or everyday life. Leave every session feeling better, stronger and more motivated than when you came in.


  • Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer