Charlotte Adams

  • Conditioning Specialist

Disciplines and skills

  • Stretching
  • Ballet Fit
  • Dance workout
  • Ballistic stretching
  • Barre

A workout should be fun but you should feel it working

Reviews and rating

TruBe Sessions<10

Average rating5.00


Always bringing energy and motivation to a workout, Charlotte likes the workouts to have a sense of rhythm and dance to them as she comes from a dance background, so Charlotte will always pick music with a good beat. To achieve your goals, Charlotte will help you to build strength naturally without too much weight lifting, mainly focussing on your own body weight and pushing your own limits. Fun, but a challenge and that is exactly the balance that Charlotte want so reach for your workouts. For the best results, Charlotte will ask every client what they want to achieve and tailor a plan around them to meet their needs.

Industry experience5+

Qualifications and associacions

  • -ISTD Level 3 Diploma in Dance Instruction
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