Alan Koetscheid

Alan is a core specialist who uses scientific weight loss and dieting methods to train.

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Alan is a personal trainer who specialises in core workouts and dietary knowledge. Alan has over 15 years of personal training experience and has obtained his qualifications from the sports science institute of South Africa. To start each session, Alan will work with you to create your own goals and demonstrate which muscle groups need to be activated for you to achieve them. His session will always feature a mix of core and cardio exercises to tone your body. Not only does Alan strive to include core and cardio into his workouts, he believes that functional training is an essential tool to achieve your desired body. Alan also has extensive dietary knowledge and would be more than willing to help you design your own personalized diet. Alan has transformed the lives of many and can do the same for you.

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Diploma in Personal training Sports Science Institute of South Africa

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