Sandy Rowe

  • Self-care Specialist

Disciplines and skills

  • Yoga
  • Personal Training
  • Running
  • Sports Massage
  • Stretching
  • Body transformation
  • Body consultation
  • Endurance training
  • Base run
  • Ballistic stretching

Sports conditioning specialised Prsonal Trainer and Massage Therapist

Reviews and rating

Legendary as always

Review from Christopher A. after Sports Massage

TruBe Sessions100+

Average rating4.98


Lively, fun, and ready for action at a moment’s notice, you will never get a better opportunity than today to make the most of every session with Sandy. Specialising in Yoga, Strength and Conditioning, and Running, she will help you build up definition and break down any barriers. Also specialised in Sports Massage and Stretching, Sandy believes that there is nothing wrong with pushing your body to the limits, as long as you look after it along the way. Clients can expect to be conducted full body assessments, pinpointing any areas that are not performing to maximum capacity. She also offers a deep tissue sports massage to maximise movement, reduce tightness, and relieve pain, perfect for those who may have posture / alignment issues or anyone who is looking to understand their body.

Industry experience3+

Qualifications and associacions

  • -Level 2 Gym Fitness Instructor
  • -Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • -Level 1 & 2 CASI Snowboard Instructor
  • -Circuit Instructor
  • -Group Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • -Level 3 Outdoor Fitness Instructor
  • -Level 3 Exercise Referral Instructor
  • -Level 3 Sports Conditioning Instructor
  • -Level 3 Sports Massage
  • -Hatton Academy Boxing Fundamentals
  • -Hatton Academy Boxing Advanced
  • -BSUPA SUP Level 1
  • -BSUPA SUP Fitness
  • -Level 4 Back Pain Management
  • -
  • -YMCA
  • -CASI
  • -REPs
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