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Selma believes in empowering every individual through Yoga- empowering in terms of cultivating self-compassion, self-care, and an intimate understanding of one’s own body and its relationship with the mind. Through her own experience, Selma understood that Yoga not only strengthens and heals the body- it also offers peace in the mind, peace in one’s own skin. Sometimes deeply hidden stuff comes out to the surface, ready to be cathartically released. Yoga feels really good on the body-and importantly, it allows us to escape inner chaos. Peace and care within an individual gives rise to peace and care within the communtiy. Passionate about sharing this liberating experience with others, Selma went on to train in Vinyasa Flow Yoga at YogaLondon and completed a training. In her sessions, Selma aims to guide fellow humans through an understanding of their own body, helping them learn what poses release which pains, which movements provide them strength where it’s needed, which breathing exercises work best for them and encourages students to make friends with their own bodies, to be playful with movement, to discipline the mind.

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Parliament Hill Lido, Gordon House Road Hampstead Heath, London, NW51LN, UK

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