Antonia Pantazatou

Professional Dancer helps you to feel the optimal alignment
London, UK


Before Yoga, Antonia was a professional dancer and taught Dance for many years.Antonia emphasises the importance of focusing on consistency over the intensity of a session by paying attention and becoming more mindful of the body. This way, by making some changes to the lifestyle or moving patterns, everyone can bring more harmony into the body. Challenging her clients on their own level, being very considerate to what they can or cannot do or to what is beneficial for them, Antonia starts her sessions with some centring and breathing practice, before moving into the asana part and ends the practice with meditation, yoga nidra or savasana. Trainings with Antonia include studies on anatomy and the way the body functions in an optimal way with different tools like therapy balls or a yoga wheel to help with the restructuring of the fascia and bringing more flexibility in areas that are more restricted, such as the spine, shoulders, hamstrings, hips and legs. One of the other areas that Antonia focuses a lot on, is working with the subtle body, through the use of mudras (hand gestures), mantras, breath control, concentration techniques, yoga nidra and meditation. The ability to control the breath (pranayama) through breathing exercises is one of the limbs of Yoga and it is the foundation for the asana practice. The asana practice works of flexibility and strength at the same time. Through isometric movements mobility and stability can be cultivated simultaneously. Specialised in Anusara Yoga, which focuses on the biomechanics principles of alignment, these principles can be used very effectively in both a vinyasa or hatha class and even therapeutically for gentle adjustments in order to feel the optimal alignment and to help strengthening, while bringing mobility in tighter areas that need to become freer.


  • Anusara-Inspired Yoga Teacher
  • 200h Yoga Teacher Training
  • 30h Yoga Therapy Intensive Certification
  • Professional Diploma in Dance Studies
  • B.A. and M.A. in Dance
  • 30h Parayoga Nidra: The Sleep Of Awakening
  • Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training
  • 300h Rasa Yoga Teacher Training
  • 70h Tapasya Hot Yoga Teacher Training
  • TriYoga Diploma
  • 65h Yin Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yoga Wheel Training