Florence Sogga

A friendly, motivating instructor who emphasises working with the breath and body and mind
London, UK


As a Yoga Teacher, Florence incorporates modern physiology with the traditional Science of Yoga to destress, improve flexibility and mobility. Specialising in teaching beginners to develop a Yoga and Meditation practice with an emphasis on alignment, Florence will work with her clients to develop musculoskeletal health, improve flexibility and ease stress. By creating and encouraging consistent practice for those interested in the spiritual side of a yoga practice there is an optional Chakra test on the first session to tailor the right program for every client, so every client can explore the power everyone holds within our bodies and minds. Completing her Yoga teacher training in the spheres of Moon, Sun and Fire, Florence has a special, spiritual part in every session and involves different methods through her international Yoga experiences from Bali,Kenya and the Maldives.


  • 200h Yoga Teacher Training