Ayda Arpak Kaya

Balancing mental strength and inner powers to improve your health

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About me

Ayda’s academic degree in sport psychologist and sociology helped channel her passion into a career, Ayda worked as a sport psychologist for professional sportsmen and her academic works were presented for the Congress of World Sports Sciences and the Sports Sciences World. The focus on the mental and sociological aspect in the sports industry for a better and happier feeling during Ayda’s sessions helps to gain strength and stay motivated. Ayda will help you reach your goals including your inner and outer beauty by strengthening your balance, health and fitness. The high level academic training sessions with Ayda’s passion for beauty, sports and art will create a unique and thought-out session including your mental powers.

Certified fitness professional
Fully insured


Bachelor Degree in Sports Management
Master Degree in Sports Psychology and Sociology
PhD in Ancient Sport Science
Reiki 1, Healing and Healing Art

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Parliament Hill Lido, Gordon House Road Hampstead Heath, London, NW51LN, UK

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