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Tue 15 Oct
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Matt tailors your training to your goals and ensure you push yourself in their training so that you can optimise your results. From Matt’s 16 years experience almost every goal requires an approach that addresses more than just exercise. Matt helps you reach and maintain your goals in the long term by helping you to identify, address and make effective changes to your diet/lifestyle habits and behaviours. Matt trains you using natural movement based training methods that exercise your whole body at the same time enabling you to tone and strengthen whilst also improve your flexibility, mobility and core strength. Matt can further help you to reach your desired goals by educating you on the diet and lifestyle changes needed to reach your goals whilst also coaching you on how to effectively make those lifestyle and behaviour changes.

Certified fitness professional
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BSc Sports Studies
Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Therapy
Resistance Movement Training Award
NASM Personal Trainer Award
SAQ P Award
Fitness Trainer Diploma
Sports Instructor Award
C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coaching – Level 1 & 2
Pouliquin Performance – Biosignatures Level 1 Award
Certified Metabolic Typing Adviser – Level 2
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Adviser
Erikson Hypnosis Certification
NLP Certification
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