Benjamin Lubbock

Mindfulness, positive energy and physical improvement with Yoga and Meditation

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Yoga teacher Benjamin was introduced to Yoga at the age of 6 and tries to get his clients to go into the sensation of Yoga and to reach empowerment, calmness and healing mentally and physically. Expect Benjamin to be very capable of reading the energy of the room and be able to fluctuate the pace to fit the energy. Along with accessible, practical knowledge of alignment and anatomy, Benjamin loves to bring positive energy to the sessions. Benjamin collates into an accessible guided meditation which can be used to energise or calm, depending on the clients' needs. Benjamin’s sessions build strength, coordinated breathing, help to calm and heal, to empower, to align, accelerates cell regeneration and adapt the clients’ needs and goals.

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200h Yoga Teacher Training

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Guardians Personal Training

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Parliament Hill Lido, Gordon House Road Hampstead Heath, London, NW51LN, UK

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