Amanda Glover

  • Self-care Specialist

Disciplines and skills

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Hatha Yoga

Develop physically, mentally and emotionally

Reviews and rating

TruBe Sessions<10

Average rating5.00


Amanda is an experienced and passionate yoga teacher who leads each student through a transformational journey of self discovery and techniques to lead towards a stress free life. She discovered yoga when she was struggling to cope with stress in corporate city jobs. She found she was short of breath and found it difficult to relax or sleep. After discovering the magical connection of mind, body and breath through the practice of yoga, it completely changed her life and this is what led her to want to share this incredible practice with others. The most rewarding part of being a yoga teacher for Amanda is seeing her students progress and develop physically, mentally and emotionally over the weeks, months, years. Over the years Amanda has experienced many different yoga teachings internationally and as a result of this she feels she can adapt and tailor her teaching to a wide range of people with different requirements and has developed her own unique style. Amanda teaches a variety of styles such as dynamic flow or gentle flow yoga, she can also teach a softer form of Iyengar yoga which uses props and straps. In addition to this she teaches a gentle stretch, breathe and relax restorative class which uses bolsters, blocks and blankets for support and works on relaxing the nervous system and helps release long held tension, stress, anxiety and aches and pains. Amanda likes to include a variety of methods such as breath work, meditation and relaxation focussing on a mix of qualities such as alignment, balance, strength, posture and at the same time keeping the poses soft. Amanda offers an initial consultation to allow her to tailor the classes to suit the needs of each individual or group.

Industry experience9+

Qualifications and associacions

  • -200h Transformational Yoga Teacher Training
  • -500h Yoga Teacher Training
  • -33h Yoga Teacher Training specifically for Restorative Yoga
  • -Yoga Alliance Professionals - Experienced Yoga Teacher
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