Vivian Soraunet

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London, UK

Experience and Knowledge

Growing up in Norway, Vivian got introduced to a healthy lifestyle from an early age. But even so, she was always interested in finding new ways to improve her fitness. The most ...

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13+ years


  • Personal Training Certified - National Academy of Sports & Medicine
  • Certification in Nutrition and Wellness
  • Certified in Intensive Pilates Rehabilitation


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Proudest moment as a Trainer:
I had one client that had a goal of running a half marathon. When we started, he was overweight and could barely run two minutes straight. After 8 months we reached his goal, injury free and major weight loss. His appearance changed from overweight to fit and his confidence increased tremendously!


My commitment to you

Every session is unique, which keeps it fun and interesting. I always incorporate Myo Fascial release to warm up the muscles and I end the session with 7 min of manual stretching. I try to be intuitive and keep a holistic perspective on each client. I'm flexible and can adjust to most ages and fitness levels and I always adjust based on the client's mood and capabilities each session.

Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it's about being better than you used to be.

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