Meet Yogi and Kickboxing Instructor Zeynep

As a kickboxing and yoga instructor, Zeynep has mastered both high intensity and low meditative exercise. She is eager to pass on her knowledge and experience to all, so read her Q&A and book a session with her using our app.

How do you inspire your clients?
I believe in inspiring my clients through my own lifestyle, practice, health and wellbeing. This is proving to be very successful and motivating :). My clients always develop healthy addiction to sport and exercise and I inspire them to take their practice further.

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What is your biggest client success story?
I watched one particular client development over their yoga journey, mastering several expert flows. It is such a beautiful honour to see the progress of regular and disciplined practice. This is when you know that all the hard work was worth it :).

What was last obstacle you had to overcome and how ?
I have a solution for everything, therefore I do not believe in obstacles 😉

Where do you like to have fun in London?
I like to hang out everywhere as long as there is good music, cool people and tasty food. Turkish food followed by a mocha in North London, as well as watching stand up comedy in Central London. There is just sooo much choice in here! I love it!

What is the best piece of advice you have received from a mentor?
Be patient and keep practicing.

How do you keep yourself motivated?
By setting myself goals and always trying different things.

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How to Decrease Cortisol Levels

Living in London can be hectic to say the least. When you’re not working, you’re most likely socialising in one of the many bars and restaurants the city has to offer. All of which can cause more stress and give you very little time to destress.

Stress rarely has a positive impact on the body and one of the many negative side effects is the production of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol can decrease your immunity leaving you open to infections and illnesses. It can also break down muscle, bone and connective tissue, which isn’t ideal if you’re trying to build muscle, tone or strength. Lastly it can increase your abdominal fat deposition.

If you cannot avoid stress, how do you decrease your inevitably high cortisol levels?

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Eat the right foods

If you make the right choices in the kitchen, you can protect your body from the effects of cortisol and also reduce the amount of cortisol. Foods such as blueberries, dark chocolate and black tea contain antioxidants which are great for reducing inflammation caused cortisol. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish, avocados and eggs, will also fight off any inflammation giving your immune system a helping hand. Citrus fruits contain very high levels of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps your body rebuild proteins, which makes it the perfect partner to combat the breakdown of muscle tissue caused by cortisol.

Listening to the right music

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to listen to calm, soothing music. It can be anything that will take your mindset away from stressors. If dance, heavy metal or reggae music makes you feel happy, then take the escape.

Get more sleep

Trying to get an early night may be easier said than done. However the research suggests that if you get eight hours of sleep rather than six, it can reduce your cortisol levels by around 50 percent!

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Box your troubles away
Hitting some pads, with great form, as hard as you can is the perfect way to release some tension. Exercising in such an intense and exhilarating manner releases an injection of endorphins into your brain. Endorphins are the body’s natural mood elevators and painkillers. Our TruBe trainers include British, European and world champions, all of whom will be sure to give you a great work out! Why not book a session?

Laughter is the best medicine
As Charlie Chaplin once said “Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain.” With that in mind do whatever makes you laugh and seek regular doses of it.

Get a massage
A relaxing massage not only soothes away your troubles by putting your mind at rest, the increase in circulation also helps to reduce the physical results of stress. By manipulating muscle tissue, new pathways to take fluids like cortisol out of the body, can be opened.

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Allow your central nervous system to recover using the the relaxing flows of yoga. Combine this with controlled, steady breathing patterns to move away from the short sharp breaths related to stress. Finishing with five minutes of pranayama breathing will give your mind something to focus on instead of the stressors in your life and leave you feeling refreshed. Take some time to destress by booking a yoga session.

TruBe also has other fitness disciplines which can be tailored to your needs. You can also book a TruBe Pilates and Ballet Barre session as well as yoga, boxing and kickboxing. Download the app now and book a session!

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Introducing yoga, boxing, kickboxing and Apple Pay!

It’s been an exciting last few months and since our launch in April, we’ve been incredibly proud by the response from Londoners looking to stay fit and healthy whilst still keeping up with their busy schedules. We’re constantly looking at improving that experience and help TruBers reach their goals faster.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we now provide yoga, boxing, kickboxing and pre/post-natal workouts in addition to our extremely popular personal training sessions. And we’ve made our booking process a lot simpler with Apple Pay – you can now book sessions and checkout with a single touch.

For people that are new to TruBe, our app matches users with highly-qualified trainers (and now, yogis!) from a range of specialist sporting backgrounds. We have an extremely talented team ready and waiting to deliver one of our signature workouts wherever and whenever you want. That means you can workout in the privacy of your own room, at the park or for the busy travellers amongst you out there, go ahead and request a workout  in your hotel room. With Apple Pay, that experience could not be quicker and simpler.

Apple Pay is a new and innovative way to pay within apps, and we are excited to be one of the first to launch in the UK. Users who have iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 3 can book our signature workouts without having to register for an account, making the experience of booking your next on-demand workout easy and seamless.

We’re excited about this new development, and as always, welcome your feedback via Twitter (@TruBeapp) or email ( Download our app now on the App Store. As a welcome, use the promo code TRUBE10 when booking your next session and enjoy £10 off.

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