Introducing Personal Trainer: Zycco W

Meet Zycco W, a TruBe trainer and bodyweight strength training expert.

What is your biggest client success story?
This would have to be Mark Fisher. Mark had a stroke over a year ago and the whole of the left side of his body stopped functioning for a year. When I first started training Mark, he ate quite badly and could not stand up or straighten out both arms. It took him 10-20 minutes to walk down a short road.

With my training, he has become a lot more confident, being able to stand up on his own and he can straighten both his arms. It now takes him 3-4 minutes to walk down the same road. His eating has drastically improved.

What do you enjoy about being a part of the TruBe Team?
TruBe is a lot like Uber for personal Trainers. I love the way TruBe has incorporated an on demand app into the fitness industry, making Personal training more flexible in London.

What was your biggest health and fitness obstacle and how did you overcome it?
I started my bodyweight training journey over a year ago. It’s been very challenging mentality, but I love pushing myself always trying to improve and get stronger. I am looking forward to being a well known bodyweight specialist.

zycco blog 1

What is your favourite piece of TruBe equipment?
The resistance bands. I use them on a regular basis and I’m always trying to think of new ways to incorporate them into my workouts.

How do you treat yourself?
I treat myself by doing other things I love such as photography, videography and graphic design. I also like a cheeky pizza.

What is your favourite instagram account you follow?
My favourite Instagram account would have to be gymrat.nuff_said & mr_barfreakz.

What is your favourite motivational quote?
“If not now, when.”  “Love and Give, and it shall be returned.”

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What is the best piece of advice you have received from a mentor?
The best advice from a mentor would have to be “You are your own brand, everything you do represents your brand, so be the best you and be proud of you.”

How do you find balance in your life?
I find balance by practicing being in the moment, enjoying being with whoever I am with and doing whatever I am doing.

To book a session with Zycco, download the app and find him as one of our featured trainers.

Part 1: How to build muscle using your body weight: Upper-body workout

One of the most common misconceptions of working out is that lifting heavy weights is the only way to build muscle.  However, everyone from gymnasts to runners to breakdancers have been proving this wrong for years.

Heavy weights and machines are used to create muscle tension and while tension is needed to build lean muscle, you can lift your body weight through specific movements that maintain the tension along the full length of the muscle.

Try this upper-body workout in any London park. It has been design to build the chest, back, arms, shoulders and abdominal muscles.

  1. Wide press ups – 40 repetitions in as little sets as possible


Wide press ups are a great way to create tension along the full length of the chest muscles. Try to complete the 40 reps in less than 4 sets, resting as little as you can in between sets.

  1. Chin ups – Four sets of five repetitions


If this is too easy, try making the negative (downward motion of the chin up) as slow as you can.

To make it easier, try jumping up to the bar and then controlling your self down.

  1. Suspension Trainer Pike ups – Three sets of 10 repetitions

pike workout

This is a great way to build and define the abs. For variation and to train the obliques, try pulling your feet up to each side. By pulling your hips over your shoulders they will be under the perfect amount of tension to incite muscle growth.

If you are you unsure about any of the exercises, why not order a TruBe trainer to come to your local park and show you how!


Get a Spring in your Step: 5 Tips to Boost your Training this Spring

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin, inventor and American founding father

Spring has officially sprung. Yoga in the park, lunch in the sun, cocktails on the terrace. It all starts getting a little brighter and fresher – and your TruBe training sessions might start to feel the same.

But if you’re struggling to shrug of the last of the winter cold and are still straining your eyes against the bright sunlight, we’re here to help prep you for success in a way that would make Mr Franklin proud.

We’ve created a list of training tips to get the most from your TruBe training sessions!

1. Get up and go!

Start your day with 10-15 minutes of light exercise, be it gentle yoga, a nice jog or even a slow walk around the block. Waking up like this increases your oxygen levels and blood circulation, energizing your whole body. Increased circulation to your digestive system will boost your metabolism which means you will use up more calories throughout the day, making you more likely to burn fat.

This time of the morning is also extremely valuable thinking time, allowing you to review your upcoming tasks and goals and get motivated for a more productive day.

2. Exercise outside

outdoor exercise workouts

Now that the weather is improving, there are no excuses to be stuck indoors.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient to maintain healthy bones and teeth as well as fighting against cancer, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Vitamin D is produced by the body when the skin is exposed to mild sunlight and is difficult to obtain through a healthy diet alone.

50% of adults and children worldwide are Vitamin D deficient- don’t be one of them! Order a TruBe trainer and work out in the park!

3. Hydrate like a hero


Staying hydrated is the number one rule for all athletes. If you’re taking part in an event and you get dehydrated, you will run out of energy very quickly. We suggest getting a good BPA free bottle and drinking regularly throughout the day.

Remember if you feel thirsty, you are at the beginning stages of dehydration. Try to drink small amounts frequently. Generally we lose around two litres of fluid a day, so must ensure we replace this.

Your performance will also be affected. As your blood thickens due to lack of water, your heart has to work harder to pump blood to the body. This means that exercise that normally feels like a five out of 10 on a exertion scale, can feel like a seven or eight out of 10.

4. High intensity = better results

You’re a busy person, we get that. That’s why TruBe is all about efficient, high intensity exercise. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your sessions, make sure you integrate high intensity activities into all forms of training.

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist or swimmer, adding high intensity sessions will help make you a stronger, faster athlete. High intensity will help you improve both the endurance (aerobic) and your speed/power (anaerobic) capacity. This is a great way to compliment any training.

You can make HIIT training specific to your goals with movements that mimic your sport or daily function.

Remember that HIIT exercises can be regressed or progressed to suit all abilities.

5. Train with a friend(s)

Small Spring Group

Small group or partner workouts are a great way to make fitness fun. With TruBe we can take you and a friend through a fun and interactive workout that also gives you that “burn”. Making your workout fun takes your mind off the training whilst using each other for motivation.

If you have that competitive streak, TruBe can get you working against each other to help you push yourself to your limits! So what are you waiting for? Book a TruBe session today with one of our amazing trainers!

What are your spring training tips? Let us know by commenting below.