Part 1: How to build muscle using your body weight: Upper-body workout

One of the most common misconceptions of working out is that lifting heavy weights is the only way to build muscle.  However, everyone from gymnasts to runners to breakdancers have been proving this wrong for years.

Heavy weights and machines are used to create muscle tension and while tension is needed to build lean muscle, you can lift your body weight through specific movements that maintain the tension along the full length of the muscle.

Try this upper-body workout in any London park. It has been design to build the chest, back, arms, shoulders and abdominal muscles.

  1. Wide press ups – 40 repetitions in as little sets as possible


Wide press ups are a great way to create tension along the full length of the chest muscles. Try to complete the 40 reps in less than 4 sets, resting as little as you can in between sets.

  1. Chin ups – Four sets of five repetitions


If this is too easy, try making the negative (downward motion of the chin up) as slow as you can.

To make it easier, try jumping up to the bar and then controlling your self down.

  1. Suspension Trainer Pike ups – Three sets of 10 repetitions

pike workout

This is a great way to build and define the abs. For variation and to train the obliques, try pulling your feet up to each side. By pulling your hips over your shoulders they will be under the perfect amount of tension to incite muscle growth.

If you are you unsure about any of the exercises, why not order a TruBe trainer to come to your local park and show you how!