5 body circuit based workouts

Now we have done the individual exercises to specific body parts, we can can now look at some full body circuit based workouts for a more comprehensive regime.

6.) Aerobic Compounds – This workout is designed to work full body exercises in a circuit for as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes with a minutes rest after all 6 exercises. Great for testing and improving aerobic fitness (and anaerobic once you tire!) and muscular endurance.

Jumping Jacks – 30 repetitions
Burpees – 30 repetitions
Split lunges – 30 repetitions
Plank to Push up position – 30 repetitions
Lower back raises – 30 repetitions
Jump squats – 30 repetitions

Do as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes, and make a note of your progress. Repeat two to three times weekly with a days rest in between!

7.) The plank challenge – Simple but effective, hold that plank for as long as possible (tip if the shoulders, core, legs, back, begin to tire, rock slightly back or forward on the toes to shift the position slightly, keep that core down though!) Repeat 3 times once you have gone for as long as you can, resting for two minutes in between.

8.) Army conditioning – I learnt this once from my time training to get in the armed forces. Run your best mile and a half distance in as fast a time as possible, then after a few minutes rest go for as many push ups as you can in 2 minutes. Then rest for a minute and do the same for sit ups. Make a note of your times. Just an FYI of a good time to aim for below 9 and a half minutes is parachute regiment standards, and above 70 sit ups and 60 push ups is great. A really impressive time is under 9 minutes and over 80 reps for the sit ups and push ups 😉 Ladies aim for under 11 minutes for the run, 40 push ups (knees are fine) and 50 sit ups!.

9.) The Electric Chair – Another simple but effective one. Begin with the back against the wall and slide down until you are at a 90 degree angle as if sitting on a chair. Stay here, for as long as you can, and feel those quads and glutes work! Make note of your times and repeat once a week. Once tried I think you’ll see what it’s named the Electric Chair!

10.) Spartan 600.

The best until last!

Begin with running a mile in as fast a time as possible.

When finished allow for a few minutes rest, then begin three simple exercises for the following repetitions.

10 Pull Ups

20 Push Ups

30 Squats

Repeat these exercises 10 times with a minutes rest after each set of Pull Ups, Push ups and Squats.

Once you have done all 600 hundred repetitions, (yes 600!)
finish off with a final mile run…

I can guarantee this mile will feel like a marathon. Note your times down for the run and circuit. and repeat once a week to see how you improve. Try for a month and see how you get on!”

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