Perfect Last Minute Fitness Gifts

With the New Year quickly following the Christmas break. You can be sure that your loved ones minds will quickly switch from the festivities to fitness.

It’s not too late for those last minute online gifts, so kickstart their ‘New Year New You’ program with one of these last minute gift ideas.

Another pair of black leggings? Think again. Nike are the perfect fit, suck everything in and bring out your amazing shape. Kim Kardashian booty? 5/10. Sexy long legs? 10/10.

Long gone are the days where you need a gym with static machines for each and every muscle.
The suspension trainer is a brilliantly devised piece of equipment that will push you to the next level.
Does a single leg press up to lunge high knee jump sound impossible? Book in a session and we’ll work at it!

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Meeting the girls for coffee after your workout? Lululemon side tie top is the answer. Workout gear might be the new fashion trend but you don’t want to always feel like you’ve left the gym. If you’re sick of neutral colours, order two sizes above your usual and add a coloured sports bra for a statement.

Trainers are my addiction and I’m guilty for having too many pairs, but if you feel you can’t show off your new kicks at your Ballet workout and doing classes barefoot? Add these to your Shoe collection. Added bonus, they come with laces to make you feel like a real ballerina.


TruBe Gift Cards
Purchasing one of our gift cards is like buying your loved ones a new year’s resolution they will stick to. Choose from a variety of sessions, from boxing to Ballet Fit, to help you get summer ready, no excuses for no time to workout, be it because the gym is too far away or your lunch break isn’t long enough, we’ll come to you, everything you need at a tap of a finger. As the saying goes, summer bodies are made in the winter.

After all the feasting and probably a few too many glasses, kickstart 2016 the right way.
It’s not a quick fix but Press London offer a great 3 day cleanse to remove flush out the toxins from the holidays.


Sore muscles? When stretching isn’t quite enough, this little beast will do the trick. I won’t lie, it hurts! but it slowly releases all the tension in your muscles, helps with lymphatic drainage and even cellulite.

This spray is your new best friend. Full of essential oils, it purifies your skin leaving you glowing and hydrated after a workout. Use it after you apply your makeup and it will keep it all in place as well.

Courgette noodles anyone? Incorporate more veggies to your diet by adding this small gadget to your kitchen essentials. Cut over half the calories, add double the taste and green power.


The little secret to long and lean legs. Glute bridges, leg lifts, squats and crab walks getting too easy? These will just make it a little harder. With different resistances for every level, these small little bands will fit in your handbag, so no excuses.

Supplement Bundles
Adding supplements to your diet gives you a nutritional safety net. The MissFits Multitasker is bursting with lean pea protein and crammed with essential nutrients,


I hope your loved ones enjoy their gifts.

Happy last minute shopping and merry Christmas!



Tamsin O, London Personal Trainer

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6 reasons to do a TruBe session with a friend or partner

We all know that having a trainer partner makes exercising less of a chore, but should you be doing a personal training session with a partner as well? Here are 7 reasons why you should!

1) Great Motivation
As the days get shorter our motivation to train dwindles. Having a training partner means you are more likely resist the temptation of cancelling your session.

2) Get to Know Them Better
Exercising with someone else breaks down many of the social barriers that prevent you from really getting to know someone. This makes it a much healthier alternative to drinking alcohol!

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3) It’s More Fun
It’s a well known fact that exercising releases the happy hormones endorphins. Well, training with your buddy not only does that,  it makes you laugh even through the toughest exercises. TruBe uses various complex exercises that will encourage maximum interaction and contact with your partner. So Smiles all around!

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4) Cost Effective
Having a training partner can save you money. It cuts the cost of personal training session in half making it much more affordable.

5) Push Harder
Let’s face it, we all like a bit of competitive edge. Training with a partner encourages you to work harder to out perform each other and to work as a team. You wish each other well because you’re in it together. It’s a healthy attitude that will translate into your daily life making you more successful.

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6) It’s just cool!
Training with a partner looks cool and is super cool. Not only do you get them to try challenging elements of acroyoga, core exercises and plyometrics moves in your training, you also grow stronger as friends or partners.

So why not download the app, book a workout, split the cost and try it with a friend.

Dana V – @DanaandAliceFitness


View our trainers before you book

We’ve listened to your feedback – you can now see a list of our highly-qualified Trainers or Yogis and favourite them before booking a session. This gives you more control over who you would prefer to train with.

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Simply tap on Featured Trainers in the app from your profile and start favouriting them.

You can now also view a full list of the trainers and yogis that have passed our recruitment process. Visit the Trainers page on our website and get to know them better.

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Five Apps to Help with Clean Eating

We at TruBe know that maintaining a consistently clean and healthy diet is a tough challenge and sometimes we need some extra help to keep us on track. Luckily, there are hundreds of apps and programs to help us. We’ve tried a number of them and wanted to share our five favourites with you.


my fitness pal app blog

Tracking what you eat throughout the day can take up a lot of your precious time. Especially when you have to work out how much carbohydrate, fats and proteins you have eaten. With MyFitnessPal all you need to do is scan the barcode or type in what you are eating and this amazing app will do all the calculations for you.


super food app blog

If you need to add a particular superfood to your diet or want to add a variety of superfoods then is the app you need. This app allows you to search recipes based around individual superfoods as well as giving you the nutritional breakdown of each recipe. You can also browse the list of superfoods to discover new ones to add to your diet.

Deliciously Ella

D Ella app blog

Deliciously Ella is well known for creating some of the tastiest and healthiest recipes around. All recipes are gluten free and refined sugar free, which helps keep ingredients natural. The includes a healthy take on many traditionally unhealthy desserts such as banoffee pie and sweet potato brownies.


fooducate app blog

This fantastic app will give the nutritional breakdown of most supermarket products. All you have to do is scan the barcode and the app will grade the item from A (super healthy) to F (very unhealthy). .

Jamie’s Recipes

jamie olive app blog

Jamie Oliver is well known for his use of good natural ingredients, easy to follow and delicious recipes, hence the nickname “The Naked Chef.” Jamie’s app provides a mouthwatering variety of recipes using lots of fresh produce. Some of his recipes may verge on the unhealthy side so be sure to choose with caution.

Now that your nutrition is taken care of, download our app and let TruBe help you with your workouts.

Meet our trainers and book a personalised fitness session tailored to your needs!

Introducing yoga, boxing, kickboxing and Apple Pay!

It’s been an exciting last few months and since our launch in April, we’ve been incredibly proud by the response from Londoners looking to stay fit and healthy whilst still keeping up with their busy schedules. We’re constantly looking at improving that experience and help TruBers reach their goals faster.

Today, we’re excited to announce that we now provide yoga, boxing, kickboxing and pre/post-natal workouts in addition to our extremely popular personal training sessions. And we’ve made our booking process a lot simpler with Apple Pay – you can now book sessions and checkout with a single touch.

For people that are new to TruBe, our app matches users with highly-qualified trainers (and now, yogis!) from a range of specialist sporting backgrounds. We have an extremely talented team ready and waiting to deliver one of our signature workouts wherever and whenever you want. That means you can workout in the privacy of your own room, at the park or for the busy travellers amongst you out there, go ahead and request a workout  in your hotel room. With Apple Pay, that experience could not be quicker and simpler.

Apple Pay is a new and innovative way to pay within apps, and we are excited to be one of the first to launch in the UK. Users who have iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 3 can book our signature workouts without having to register for an account, making the experience of booking your next on-demand workout easy and seamless.

We’re excited about this new development, and as always, welcome your feedback via Twitter (@TruBeapp) or email ( Download our app now on the App Store. As a welcome, use the promo code TRUBE10 when booking your next session and enjoy £10 off.

For more updates follow us on Instagram and Twitter, @TruBeapp.

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